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What’s Happening with Hong Kong Startups

January 2, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Posted by Phineas Upham

Hong Kong is a bustling city with a growing tech scene. A rise in networking events, coupled with more opportunities for funding has fueled a series of intriguing startups in various industries.


FlyTaxi is like Hong Kong’s answer to Uber. The company promises a reliable method for passengers to book a ride, while cabbies benefit from reduced idle time and the ability to plan routes in advance.


Co-working is the idea that developers working on different projects, but together in the same room, will feed off of each other’s creativity. bills itself as Hong Kong’s first co-working space, but the idea has spawned many knockoffs. Boot routinely holds startup networking events, encouraging team work through association.


Imagine a classroom where you can interact with the objects you study, in real-time. That’s the thinking behind 3D Avatar school, a classroom that promises real-time analytics with live teacher instruction. Professors take students through a virtual world designed around their lesson plan, and students learn through “gamification” techniques that reward studious behavior.


CallTracking is a Hong Kong based startup that claims it can define what makes your phone ring. This important breakthrough in analytics means that businesses can hone in on messaging that actually generates motivated leads.


A new wearable wrist band is disrupting fitness technology with longer battery life and a sleek look. The Digi-Care ERI uses magnetic data from the Earth to measure where you are and where you’ve traveled. That lack of GPS means you need to give the watch only two charges a month to keep it going.

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