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Want the Whole World in Your Hands? Here’s Where to Go.

January 2, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Are you looking for a travel destination with international flair? Some of the world’s most popular destinations offer much more than their own signature discoveries. Choose a thriving “melting pot” for your next vacation and you can have the world in your hands. Here are some of of the world’s best destinations according to Dev Randhawa.

If you’d like to wake up in a worldly city that never sleeps, make New York City your destination. Famous for all-American delights like the Statue of Liberty and Broadway, New York is also the flagship of “melting pot” cities. Visit Chinatown or Little Italy for authentic cuisine and atmosphere, and discover hundreds of citywide restaurants and cultural experiences representing every corner of the globe. It’s estimated that just 51% of residents speak only English, and you can hear hundreds of languages being spoken as you explore the wonders of this multinational metropolis.

While New York is the city of nights, Paris is the city of lights. Known for romance, art, history and cuisine, Paris is also home to a huge “ex-pat” community from around the world. Try an African delicacy, take in Asian art, or pass some time conversing with foreign transplants at a British Pub. Paris has no shortage of worldly diversions!

There are other destinations to discover if you’d like to have the world at your fingertips. As the capital of a once far-flung empire, London is a thriving multi-cultural city. San Francisco is famous for its Chinese influence. Washington, DC is home to more than 250 nationalities with many colorful international festivals throughout the year. Consider other great destinations like Toronto, Amsterdam, and Singapore for a vacation with an extra dose of worldliness!

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