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Top Three Turnoffs In Men on a Date

July 31, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by New York Socials

This is an age-old story I often hear while providing high end dating services in NYC: You meet a girl online or at a party. You start texting and flirting and allow yourself to believe you may have found the woman of your dreams. You can’t wait for the first date and count minutes until you are together. And then you finally meet and while you are still just as excited, at the end of the date you start to feel she is withdrawn and cold. When you lean in for a kiss, you get a side of her cheek and a corner of an ear (if you’re lucky). When you text her again, the response is “I had a lovely time, but I don’t think this will work out.” So what happened? As a relationship coach in NYC, I’ve heard many reasons why women get turned off during a first date. Here are the top three:

Poor Attire

Gentlemen, please give some thought to the way you present yourselves. Remember, first impressions last a lifetime. Women are uncomfortable and embarrassed to be seen with men that are dressed sloppily and /or inappropriately. Call the venue of your date to ask them about a dress code. When you are not sure, ask a friend who is known to be a good dresser, or, better yet, ask another woman for advice: your friend/sister/cousin, etc. (make sure it is not someone who will deliberately steer you in the wrong direction -i.e. ex girlfriend). Finally when in doubt, remember it’s better to be over then under dressed. In the words of Oscar Wilde: You can never be overdressed or overeducated.

The Creep Factor

If you notice a look of disgust or fear in your date’s face, chances are you have entered the ‘creep zone.’ Certain words and phrases, such as ‘baby-doll’, ‘pussycat’, ‘honey face’, will not only scare your date, but will make her want to put out a public announcement warning other women to stay away.


She agreed to go out with you. So don’t be overly thankful to her or tell her how her beauty overshadows your meaningless existence or keep asking why a girl like that would want to go out with a loser like you. Remember, confidence is sexy. No woman wants to spend her time and effort on building up your ego.

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