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The Island of Bora Bora

May 15, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

This article was written by Samuel Phineas Upham

Bora Bora is an island situated in French Polynesia, which puts it about halfway between South America and Australia. It’s one of the most famous remote island chains in the world, and arguably the most majestic. The island is a popular tourist destination because of its beautiful weather and rich history.

Bora Bora’s climate is considered tropical, with only two seasons. Summer lasts from November to March, while winter (with an average temperature of 82 degrees) occurs from April to November. The average summer temperature is only a bit higher than the winter temperature, so visitors can expect relatively mild conditions the whole year round.

The islands are 6 miles long by 2.5 miles wide, and they are volcanic islands formed over time. The Polynesians first settled there in 850. They called the island “Pora Pora” because their language has no “b” in it. The name meant “First Born,” and they inhabited it alone until the Dutch discovered it in 1722.

Tourism is the highest grossing economic activity of the island, but it’s not the only money maker. There is a robust commercial fishing operation operating outside of the islands, and several highly rated hotels and restaurants occupy the interior.

The islands don’t have an international airport, so people who want to visit commute to the islands by boat. You can also land sea planes in Bora Bora, which is how many people get to the islands from Tahiti. Bora Bora also has rich history in World War II, where the Allies set up a base on the islands that visitors can still visit today.

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