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The hassle of planning a group ski trip

August 21, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Article written by Photo Packager

When you love skiing, it eventually becomes tough to find places to practice it. After all, you probably only have so many local options and it doesn’t take long before those are exhausted, so then what? Of course, the solution is to go elsewhere to ski, but that can be a real hassle. This is especially true when you’re planning a group ski trip.

For one thing, you have to find a date that will work for everyone. Then you have to pick the people and make sure they get along. With Colorado college ski packages, for example, you need to make sure the group will blend well and not ruin the trip with infighting. Then you have to find a price that everyone can afford and budget out certain responsibilities.

Finally, there’s organizing the actual trip. Everyone needs to know when to leave and show up, where to meet, when to check in, etc. By the time you have this all planned out, you might not even care about the trip, much less your friends.

So leave these responsibilities up to the professionals.

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