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The basics of a Kayak

January 12, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Crystal Seas

Going on a sea kayaking tour is amazing. It is just you, the water and a breathless view of the ocean.  However, those new to the Kayak should take every precaution before going out to see. This includes learning the very basics of the Kayak. Here are the most important basics that every kayaker should know.

The top of a kayak is known as the deck, while the bottom of a kayak is called the hull.

As with any boat, the front of the kayak is the bow, and the back is the stern. There are handles attached to both the bow and stern for carrying the boat. Usually at least two people are required to carry a kayak.

The openings on a kayak are called hatches and generally there is a wall inside sealing the compartment called bulkheads. These keep the compartments relatively dry and provide buoyancy in case the kayak overturns.

The seats in a kayak are adjustable and are generally quite comfortable. The best posture for kayaking is sitting up straight. This provides maximum efficiency by engaging the core muscles. There are foot braces inside the kayak that help support your legs. There are adjustable.

With regards to the posture and the various adjustments, all of these can be fine-tuned when you do your first run. Build some confidence and then go on a Washington kayak tour.


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