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Ski Lodge Savvy: Keeping Cabin Rentals Competitive

May 9, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

When it comes to maintaining and improving vacation properties, there are many things to keep in mind. New technology and contemporary trends can be of particular importance when you are running a rustic or more pastoral business, such as a B&B or cabin properties. With services like Airbnb on the rise, how can you keep your properties in step? You can make sure your log cabins don’t turn into hermit huts by redecorating and keeping on top of luxury trends.


À la Piz Gloria

One way to escape this trap is to look at current cultural symbols of luxury and relaxation. The ski lodge still has a foothold in the American psyche worth taking advantage of. There is a wide variety of nostalgic, yet modern, takes on these locations in film and television. James Bond films, for example, often have scenes in rustic and mountainous with amenities as luxurious as any found at sea level. Take a hint from 70’s ski fashion revival vibes and combine cold-weather clothing patterns and textures with trends like repurposing and genre mixing.


Keep It Rugged

If you are looking for a more thorough refurbishing job, take a closer look at the windows and doors on your properties to see if they are giving the right first impressions. Considering the weather in most mountainous regions, you will want something sturdy enough to keep out the cold and wet. Using solid wood doors can be a comfort to clients who will be reassured by their heft and density.


Modern Medieval

Although they are often forgotten, consider doors with prominently visible clavos, the large, round, metal nail-heads visible on many old-fashioned rustic doors. Using metals in interesting ways can pull a cabin from the dark ages and place it firmly in the present. Try replicating the style you chose for your iron detailing around the cabin in things like metal fixtures, door handles, and other small accents.


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