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Protect Your Boat from Pets When You Install Foam

March 3, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Protect-Your-Boat-from-Pets-When-You-Install-FoamWhen you have a noble watercraft, whether it be an obnoxiously flamboyant yacht or a small fishing dingy, you’re going to want to share your love of the water with your pet. However, you may be hesitant, because you already have to worry about your boat cushions being exposed to the elements. On top of mildew, mold, and premature fabric rot induced by saltwater, you don’t want to have to worry about your cat, dog, parrot, ferret, or guinea pig soaking the soft spots of your boat in urine.


Fear not. If you’ve got custom cushions, there’s no reason to worry about them being ruined by bodily fluids, human or otherwise. Just like foam’s moisture-resistant properties help prevent mold and mildew from springing up, it’ll also make it easy to clean when your pet can’t wait to get back to shore. No matter what they’re soaked in, you can just dunk the foam in warm water, wring it out, leave it to dry, and call it a day. And if there’s permanent discoloration? The simplest trick is to order canvas you can use as a cover for your foam. The dense fabric will withstand sunlight, and help waterproof your cushions as well. Canvas is affordable enough to replace as needed, but you can store the cushions below deck when you’re not using them to increase their lifespan.


No matter the environment or the frequency of pet barf, you can’t go wrong with upholstery foam from Canada.



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