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Mahogany Doors: What you need to know

July 20, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by ETO Doors

There are always advantages and disadvantages when choosing one material over another. This is especially true when choosing whether to go with mahogany doors. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages.

Mahogany works well for both interior and exterior doors. For exterior doors, it allows whatever embossing or hand carved customizations that you want as the wood is very easy to work with. Another advantage is that you can stain it again whenever you require. Whenever you redecorate, you can match the finish of your front door to the other furniture. This also applies to mahogany solid wood interior doors. Redecorate and all your doors can match your new aesthetic.

Another advantage is energy efficiency. As a material for doors, wood can provide energy savings especially for your front door. Wood is approximately 1800 times more efficient than aluminum and 400 times more than steel. This can lead to energy savings over the long term.

Mahogany is also durable. It can resist decay and is also resistant to insects. This makes it a good investment as you can expect it to last for decades.


One of the cons of using mahogany that applies to other types of wood is higher maintenance. Other materials used for doors do not require the periodic re-staining and re-sealing. Whenever you use solid wood interior doors, you have the risk that some rooms will not have doors for the period of the maintenance.

Finally, there is the cost. Because certain species of mahogany are endangered, it can be more expensive than other varieties of wood.

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