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Kayaking in Washington Seas – Orcas, Matia, and Sucia

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If you’re looking at a kayaking trip through Washington seas, there’s possibly no greater adventure than an Orcas Island to Matia Island trip. This 7-mile sea kayaking route exploring Washington’s Northern Puget Sound lets you travel outside the ferry line, allowing you to completely enjoy calm waters, gorgeous island views, breathtaking mountain sights, and awesome wildlife.

At Orcas Island, unique beach houses line the northern shore. Apart from that, the island has long been known to be an outdoorsman’s paradise. On the other hand, uninhabited shoreline spanning almost 4 miles awaits adventurers at Matia Islands. The island also essentially houses a 145-acre national wildlife refuge. Along the north side, waters and known to be extremely calm. Slow winds and currents lets the water form a glass-like surface, something incredible to paddle through. In this area, you’re also likely to witness porpoises and seals in their natural habitat.

According to Crystal Seas, the best seasons to kayak Washington seas from Orcas Island to Matia Island is either spring, summer, or fall. No matter the season, it is important to check a tide chart before taking the trip. Poor timing will not only make it difficult and unenjoyable but also unsafe.

Should your thirst for adventure be unquenched at this point, consider extending your trip and paddling towards Sucia Island. This kayaking route will span around 3.2 miles. Although these waters aren’t the actual path for whale migration, whales are commonly sighted here. Other wildlife such as sea lions and shore birds are also typically seen.

With the opportunity to spot various wildlife, see magnificent views of mountains and islands, and enjoy beautiful waters, kayaking in Washington seas, especially in some of San Juan Islands’ northernmost waters, will give you an adventure of a lifetime.


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