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How Outdoor Foam Stands Up to the Elements

April 28, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

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Outdoor foam is a miracle for patio furniture. Once upon a time, thick, canvas covers had to be applied to all outdoor furniture to try and ward off the rain. These covers were usually waterproofed, but tended to do a poor job of keeping water out. Those covers can still be found today, but they are far less common thanks to a new type of foam commonly found in patio furniture, boat cushions and airplane seats.

Outdoor furniture cushions now use something called “dry fast foam”, which (as the name implies) doesn’t retain moisture and dries faster than normal foam. This is thanks to large, oOutdoor Foampen cells within the foam sheets that allow water to pass through. Because the foam dries faster, bacteria can’t grow as easily. No more moldy cushions if you left them out during a winter storm.

Your outdoor foam replacement isn’t rated for direct exposure to the sun, but the cover can protect it. The foam itself won’t harden or get any real sun damage if the cloth or canvas layer blocks the sun’s rays. You may have to replace the cover later as the colors fade, or you could simply flip them over in a pinch.

As a bonus, outdoor foam happens to be useful to those who suffer health problems and have a hard time sleeping. The antimicrobial properties of the bedding prevent small particles from entering the lungs, which helps improve your ability to breathe.

Bio: The Foam Factory specializes in custom-cut foam pieces for commercial and residential use.

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