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Foam: The Backpacker’s Secret Weapon

June 29, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Backpack hikingEvery time a backpacker hits the trail, he does so secure in the knowledge that he will rough it for a good portion of the trip. That’s the idea at least. Still, there is always room for just a bit more comfort when you’re in the back country. Any kind of comforts from home are welcomed when you’re surviving off the land, and foam can be one of the greatest secret weapons aside from a food dehydrator.


Foam inserts can insulate cold drinks, which makes them useful for the trail. Pack yourself a beer or a soda so you can enjoy something tasty on your walk. If you don’t want to pack bulky drinks, you can slip the foam inserts into knit bag and insulate some frozen or warm foods. By the time you’re ready to eat, your meat or veggies will have defrosted enough to be cooked. The residual ice and moisture will help you conserve drinking water too.


Custom cushions can be cut to fit your size without taking up too much pack space. Every inch is critical so polyurethane foam is a must. It is absorbent, which makes it a good cushion, and it’s flexible. Pack a single pad on one trip and you’ll never want to leave the car without one again. Every rock becomes a recliner when you’ve got a cushion for support.


Custom outdoor cushions made of foam can be cut to nearly any size. A six foot roll would make perfect bedding, especially if the foam was close-celled. Add an extra foot or two and you can roll the foam padding over for a makeshift pillow. Foam repels ground temperatures, which is especially useful during cold nights.

Bio: Carlo Badalamenti is the marketing director of Foam Factory, and an expert in the many uses of foam. Foam Factory products can be custom cut to nearly any size or shape.

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