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Essentials for any Boat Owner

December 22, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

Summary: No matter if you use your boat for leisure or for business, there are certain essentials you should always have on deck.

There is something special about being out in the water. Heading out on your boat can be relaxing, exciting, and enjoyable. As fun as boating can be, however, you cannot deny how dangerous it can be. When you are out in the water you need to be prepared to handle any situation that comes your way. Since you might not be able to easily turn back and quickly pick something up from the land, it would be wise to pack your boat with the essentials you would need to approach the challenges you might face.

Clean Water

Even though you will be surrounded by water when you are boating, you need to keep in mind that the water your boat is sitting in might not be safe to consume. If you plan on using water to drink or cook, you will need to bring clean water on deck before even leaving the dock. Invest in a robust water bladder that can store large volumes of water without getting damaged by the heat of the sun.


When you are far from land you might have little to no cell service. It would not be wise to depend on your cellphone to get in touch with those on land or with others who are also out on the water. A standard walkie-talkie is reliable and can usually last many hours without needing to be charged. Even if you do have cell service, it would be smart to have more than one way to reach others if you need information or need assistance out at sea.

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