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Vacation Packing Tips for the Last-Minute Traveler

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Summary: You’ve landed at your destination only to find out that you forgot to pack your allergy medication. Don’t be “that guy”, here’s a list that’ll ensure you have everything you need.

Before you depart on your exciting vacation, you’ll want to double-check your belongings to ensure you have everything. Here’s a list that’ll make your getaway stress-free.

Name Tags

Name tags can be a life-saver if you’re at the airport and 5 other families have the exact same brand of luggage that you do. Most suitcases do come standard with name tags so be sure to fill them out.

Medicine and First Aid

Keep a small bag that carries all the necessary pills and medication that you’ll need for your trip. After all, the last thing you’ll want to endure is a sick stomach, a massive migraine, or a fever on your trip. While you could opt for a domestic recipe, you could run into a few problems like limited prescriptions.

Extra Bag Space

Whether you’re looking to bring home some present for the holiday season or just waiting to stuff your bag with an assortment of souvenirs, having extra bag space is crucial. After all, it’s inevitable that you’ll be bringing back more than what you originally brought.

How Many Pairs of Shoes?

One of the biggest bag-fillers in your luggage will be your shoes. Now, how many pairs are you going to need for your trip? Most experts say that having three different types of shoes for a 1-2 week trips is relatively ideal (this include flip-flops). If your shoes are basically taking up your entire luggage, you could be passing on bringing other essentials that you’d need more – or even go with leaving space for gifts and souvenirs.

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4 Different types of kayaks explained

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Written by Crystal Seas

Your kayaking tour will greatly depend on the type of kayak you choose. Here is a brief list of four different types of kayaks available in the market.

Sit on top style Kayaks- These kayaks are self-bailing, and therefore you don’t have to worry about bailing the boat. They are also very popular; this means that you will always have this type of kayak on offer. For those kayakers who are new to the sport, this type of kayak is a safe and flexible option. However, sit on top kayaks will not let the paddler effectively control the boat with their body.

Sit in style Kayaks – Sit in style kayaks are built with more efficient hull design, which allows for more storage and keeps the paddler’s dryer during the trip. Its design will help the paddler effectively use his/her body to control the boat.

Whitewater Kayaks – Whitewater kayaks are not fitted with a keel and don’t track in a straight line. This design feature makes them very maneuverable and agile. However, the cockpit is tight as it is designed to handle rough conditions.

Recreational Kayaks – Recreational kayaks are used on some kayak expeditions and will appeal to low-intensity Its design gives it stability, while its large cockpits is best to leisurely float through flat water, lakes, ponds, and gentle rivers and creeks.

Crystal Seas can give you everything you need—including training—and guide you through your kayak Washington state adventure.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo | Voyages Along the California Coast

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Sailing under the flag of Portugal, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo is the man credited with the exploration of most of the western coast of North America. He is the first recorded European to land in what is present day California, and by many accounts discovered the area we know as San Diego.

He was sailing under Hernan Cortez in New Spain, which we would know as Mexico today, and he was part of an expedition seeking gold. Cabrillo’s history is full of turmoil, benefitting greatly from slave labor as he moved from land to land. He was considered a self-made man, but history exposes the bloodshed surrounding him. Lucrative contracts, paved in slave labor and brutal crackdowns, financed his newest expeditions.

Not all of his expeditions involved such brutality, and his exploration of the California coast showed his diplomatic side. Befriending natives gave him valuable intelligence on which tribes were positioned along the coasts, who would be friendly, and where he could find uninhabited land like Anacapa Island.

He also discovered Xexo, which is today’s Santa Barbara County. It was ruled by an old woman who led her tribe to war against the Xucu who occupied Ventura County. Although they found Point Reyes, they missed the entrance to the San Francisco Bay. He’d established extensive trade routes by that point and looked to make landfall for supplies and repairs.

He was attacked by natives, and is said to have cut his shin on jagged rock while trying to make landfall and fight them. He died January 3rd, 1543 of a gangrene infection.

James Provence is an avid reader and blogger of history. Retired Archbishop James Provence currently resides in Vacaville.

How to Find the Cheapest Car Rental Deals

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Use the same strategy that you would with booking a flight to obtain the most reasonable car rental prices.

Written by: Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Nothing beats travelling to a new country and exploring the sights and sounds. The freedom of exploration does however come at a cost. One of these costs comes at the hands of finding a rental car to travel around in.

Sure, you can opt for public transportation. But, many families prefer a rental car over a taxi or a bus for convenience purposes. And, if you’re searching for a short term car rental in Abu Dhabi for example, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting a good deal versus being overcharged.

Always Book in Advance

Once you’ve booked your flight and handled all the accommodations, the next thing you’re going to have to do is find a reasonable rental car deal. It’s important that you always book your rental car in advance. Doing this will almost always get you a better deal than at the actual location itself. And, it’s much easier and quicker. A cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi that is booked in advance will save you a significant amount of money than doing it on the day of your vacation. You don’t want to have to deal with negotiations and price comparisons the day that you land. Also, be sure that you carry all the necessary documents with you to avoid any difficulties or hassles.

Prices Will Fluctuate

Similar to searching for the best deals on flights, do the same for car rentals as well. Check prices frequently as they can change on a daily basis. Depending on the season, their might be a price hike and you could find yourself paying double than what you saw the previous day. Many aggregator site will do all the searching for you and compare prices to make your job much easier. For instance, if a long term car rental in Dubai International Airport is going for $30 on Monday, you might think that waiting a day or two will have it drop down a bit. This might not be the best idea as you might find that the price will double on Tuesday. It’s all about supply and demand. If you’re booking around the summer time, be sure that you book way in advance to avoid watching a great deal slip away.

The basics of a Kayak

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Written by Crystal Seas

Going on a sea kayaking tour is amazing. It is just you, the water and a breathless view of the ocean.  However, those new to the Kayak should take every precaution before going out to see. This includes learning the very basics of the Kayak. Here are the most important basics that every kayaker should know.

The top of a kayak is known as the deck, while the bottom of a kayak is called the hull.

As with any boat, the front of the kayak is the bow, and the back is the stern. There are handles attached to both the bow and stern for carrying the boat. Usually at least two people are required to carry a kayak.

The openings on a kayak are called hatches and generally there is a wall inside sealing the compartment called bulkheads. These keep the compartments relatively dry and provide buoyancy in case the kayak overturns.

The seats in a kayak are adjustable and are generally quite comfortable. The best posture for kayaking is sitting up straight. This provides maximum efficiency by engaging the core muscles. There are foot braces inside the kayak that help support your legs. There are adjustable.

With regards to the posture and the various adjustments, all of these can be fine-tuned when you do your first run. Build some confidence and then go on a Washington kayak tour.


Crystal Seas can give you everything you need – including training – and guide you through your kayaking San Juan adventure.

Want the Whole World in Your Hands? Here’s Where to Go.

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Are you looking for a travel destination with international flair? Some of the world’s most popular destinations offer much more than their own signature discoveries. Choose a thriving “melting pot” for your next vacation and you can have the world in your hands. Here are some of of the world’s best destinations according to Dev Randhawa.

If you’d like to wake up in a worldly city that never sleeps, make New York City your destination. Famous for all-American delights like the Statue of Liberty and Broadway, New York is also the flagship of “melting pot” cities. Visit Chinatown or Little Italy for authentic cuisine and atmosphere, and discover hundreds of citywide restaurants and cultural experiences representing every corner of the globe. It’s estimated that just 51% of residents speak only English, and you can hear hundreds of languages being spoken as you explore the wonders of this multinational metropolis.

While New York is the city of nights, Paris is the city of lights. Known for romance, art, history and cuisine, Paris is also home to a huge “ex-pat” community from around the world. Try an African delicacy, take in Asian art, or pass some time conversing with foreign transplants at a British Pub. Paris has no shortage of worldly diversions!

There are other destinations to discover if you’d like to have the world at your fingertips. As the capital of a once far-flung empire, London is a thriving multi-cultural city. San Francisco is famous for its Chinese influence. Washington, DC is home to more than 250 nationalities with many colorful international festivals throughout the year. Consider other great destinations like Toronto, Amsterdam, and Singapore for a vacation with an extra dose of worldliness!

Why You Should Put More Effort and Time Into Car Rentals

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Article written by Legends travel, Travel news, tips & articles

By investing both time and research, you could save a significant amount of money on your next car rental.

row-of-rental-carsTaking advantage of a car rental in Abu Dhabi may sound like a reasonable idea, until you find out about all the complications that dealing with a “legitimate” company can bring into your life. In the Middle East, a feasable way to around is by car, otherwise you’re forced to take a taxi wherever you go – which can be relatively expensive if you aren’t careful. Here are some practical tips on car rentals so you can avoid problems and traps that many people blindly walk into.

Look Beyond the Name Brand

While you may be inclined to just call up a major company and see if they have a branch in the Middle East, it’s also worth looking beyond just the popularized car rental businesses. Take advantage of some of the smaller companies that are looking to provide honest services to you. Now, this requires some research, no doubt about that, but you could be saving a significant amount of money and obtain a vehicle that’s perfect for you and your family. It never hurts to ask.

Inquire About Discounts

Many car rental companies will offer discounts for major national organizations, credit card companies that you are with, or other programs. Your rate can essentially be negotiated if you fall into certain categories. Even some of the smaller car rentals in Abu Dhabi may offer you a discount if you sign up with them – although it’s important that you be on the lookout for shoddy operations.

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Can You Change Your RV’s Seat Cushions?

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Seat cushions are more important that you might think.

Written by: The Foam Factory

rv-brownHere’s the straight truth about most RV cushions: they’re not comfortable – at all. When it comes to the manufacturing of RV’s most of the emphasis goes towards the amenities and the aesthetics of the RV, not the cushions that you’re going to be sitting on when you take those 5 hour road trips. But, here’s the good news – you can easily replace these cushions to make them more comfortable and supportive.

Check Your Seats

It’s important to note that in order to change your RV’s seat cushions, you’re going to have to identify whether or not they are even able to be changed. Meaning, some of the cushion covers are designed not to be opened up and are stitched together tightly. If this is the case, you can easily take it to an upholstering shop and have them recover your seats. However, if you have seats that have zippers to allow for cushion access, the only thing that you’ll have to do is to find the right type of foam to replace it with.

Now, when it comes to the RV bedding or seat foam that you are going to buy, make sure that you find one that is both comfortable and firm. Long road trips take a toll on your lower back. Be sure that you provide yourself with the right amount of support to avoid any major discomfort or soreness. It’s more than likely that you know how much of a nuisance a sore back is when it comes to a vacation.

Three tips for beginners to kayaking

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crystalseas1Written by Crystal Seas

Kayaking is a balance between a person, boat, and paddle. Once you have your first taste of the  intricate dance of strokes, it is almost a guarantee that you will be hooked. For newbies, here are three very important tips:

Dress for the water

As in all sports, Kayaking also has its own sports appropriate clothing. While this clothing can largely depend on the location, always dress for the water temperature and not the weather. If your Kayak tips over for any reason, you will learn how important a tip this is. In terms of clothing , go for layers of quick-dry fabric. Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are also highly recommended. Wear sturdy, strap-on sandals or water shoes in terms of footwear.

Select an appropriate boat

Always choose a board that is appropriate for your level of experience. Ask the rental company for which one they recommend given your experience in the water. Most providers will have two or three person kayaks that go from 14 to 17 feet.

Rescue know how

Most rental providers will provide safety and rescue gear like life vests, pumps, and inflatable paddle floats. It is also extremely unlikely for the Kayak to tip over in calm waters. Regardless make sure that basic know-how on how to get back in and help others will be essential.


A kayak trip is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The next time you want to take an adventure for your vacation, just leave it to the team at Crystal Seas.

Why Reputation Should Be a Factor When Renting a Car

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Article written by AnytimeTravel

Don’t let the scammers get to you, make sure you do the right research before signing that contract.

Finding the right car rental company overseas can be a difficult and frustrating experience for the traveler that just wants to enjoy his vacation. Price negotiations, insurance policies, and hidden charges are only some of the hassles that you may have to go through. The last thing that you’ll want to see on your bank statement is a thousand dollar charge for something that you weren’t even aware of when you signed your contract. Here are some tips that will help you get through this process painlessly.

Reputation is a Key Factor

To find a car lease in Abu Dhabi, you’ll want to first be sure that you’re dealing with a reputable company. One cannot stress how crucial this is. A shady dealer will only end up stealing your money and giving you a tin can on wheels – that’s likely to break down. Prior to signing your agreement, check online to see what other travelers have said about the car company.

You can find a long term car rental in Dubai International Airport for a solid price. Because they are located at the airport, you can feel a bit more confident knowing that you’re dealing with a reputable car rental business. It’s a bit more difficult for these companies to scam you, since they’re contracted with the airport itself. Nonetheless, it is still important that you take the time to research what type of contract that you are looking for. Be sure that you make a copy of the prices that are listed as well, so you can physically show them what you want in the case that they want to “up” the prices.

Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC has a reputable car rental in the International Airport in Abu Dhabi. With seasoned car specialists, they want to ensure that you always get a fair deal. For more information, visit them online today.

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