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Top Tips for Keeping Your Pit Bull Clean and Happy

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Summary: Keeping your pit bull clean and dirt-free is the best way to combat any infection.

Pit bulls are one of the least stressful breeds when it comes to bathing. They’re relatively easy to maintain and their short hair makes it easy for you to care for.

However, it’s important that you do the necessities to ensure that your pit stays clean and happy.

Here are some tips on how you can go about doing this without having to go to a groomer.

Clean the Ears

When you’re bathing your pit bull, always remember that his ears must remain clean and dry. Pits are known to develop ear infections quite commonly, so it’s crucial that you keep any water, dirt, and bacteria away from their ear canals. One thing that many homeowners like to do is to place a clean cotton ball in both ears during their bath. Another option is to wipe them clean with medicated wipes that are designed for dogs. Be sure to check them every couple of days for any dirt buildup and clean them thoroughly.

As cute as those pitbull puppies for sale might look, be sure that you’re ready to take on all the responsibilities they come with upon adoption. It’s undoubtedly tedious, but it’s also necessary to ensure their health remains in good condition.

Brushing Their Fur

Pit bulls might not need to be bathed frequently, but they do need to be brushed. This type of maintenance allows you to prolong giving them a bath, so be sure to stay on top of this. Brush your pit’s coat at least a few times per week using a flexible rubber brush – you can commonly find these at your local pet store. This prevents his fur from accumulating dirt, dead fur, and even bugs.

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Why Pitbull Puppies Make Great Household Pets

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There are more to pitbulls than most homeowners think

grey-blue-nose-pitbullWhen you think about bringing a new dog into your home, consider a pitbull. Why? There are various reasons why pitbulls make friendly, loyal companions.

For one, they’re reputation doesn’t apply to every single pitbull out there. However, they’re so-called “aggressive” label has left many XL pitbulls for sale and without an owner. As a matter of fact, many homeowners will refuse having a pitbull because they believe that they will harm their children, guests, or family members. What they don’t know is that they develop their tendencies as a puppy. Proper training and positive reinforcement will help them grow into a respectable household member.

Training Your Pup is Important

Now, it should be noted that training a pitbull puppy at a young age is a very important part of their development. Negative reinforcement like yelling, hitting, and scolding will only scare your pitbull puppy and force them into performing actions out of fear. As an owner, it’s your responsibility to care for them with love and respect. This will only promote positive behavior out of your pitbull behavior. This is actually how breeders treat their puppies during pitbull breeding.

The Bottom Line

So, the next time you consider a household pet, why not check out a pitbull puppy. Realistically, they’re great with young children, are loyal to the core, and will make you fall in love with their playful nature. It’s ultimately up to you, their master, that determines how they grow up and act when they mature. Treat them with respect and you can expect the same back.

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How to Start as a Successful Pitbull Breeder

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Article written by Travel Rapidly

Pitbull breeding isn’t as simple as it looks.

blue-nose-pitbull-breedingPitbull breeding isn’t just something that you can pick up and run with. It requires dedication, time, and extensive knowledge. American pitbull terriers have been around for decades. But, there’s a new breed that has spawned off the American pitbull terrier known as the XL pitbull, or bully breed. If you are looking to start breeding, you need to think about the approach that you are going to take. In order to be successful, you will need to invest in a breeding ground for your pitbulls.

Constructing Your Pitbull Kennel

A proper set up is crucial for breeding. One can’t exaggerate that enough. You will need to hire a seasoned contractor that can pour concrete for your kennels and create a shelter that has proper drainage and space. There needs to be a sturdy roof that protects your pitbulls from the rain. If you live in a climate where it gets extremely hot, don’t insulate the inside of your kennel as it will just increase the overall temperature. Instead, create or purchase a mist cooling system for your pitbull – one can be easily made out of PVC pipe.

Breeding Requires Care

There are several pitbull breeders that neglect to take proper care of their breeding grounds. If you are starting out in the business, you’re going to need to prioritize the health and diet of your dogs. They require care, attention, and most importantly compassion. If you can’t fulfill these tasks, then pitbull breeding is most likely not right for you.

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Tips to Help Ease the Transition of Your Pitbull Puppy

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Written by: Iron King Kennels

When you buy blue nose pitbull puppies for sale from a full time kennel, there are a few things you should know up front. You should have access to the dogs whenever you need to, in order to come and evaluate the puppy you’re buying and establish a bond. It’s also good for you to check on the living conditions of the kennel. No puppy should be taken less than ten weeks after its birth.


That helps to ensure the dog is acclimated to people. The rest is up to you, and few things can prepare you for the little balls of energy that are the bully pitbull.

Managing Energy

One key to raising a pitbull is to tire it out. These dogs were bred to be strong and energetic. They are loveable, but they are easily excited. It’s when their excitement is heightened that unintended consequences can happen. To avoid any of these problems, keep your pitbull challenged.

A full-time pitbull breeder typically has lots of land for the dogs to run and play. It’s best if you take your dog to the local dog park, in a space where he can be free of his leash. Toss a ball, let him chase shadows. The more you let him run free, the calmer he’ll be at home with your family.

 Give Your Puppy a Temporary Space

While your puppy learns more about his new home, it’s best if you give him his own space to be free in. This space should be near the home’s center of activity, which will help the dog familiarize himself with your presence. Most people will use the kitchen because it typically has fewer items for a puppy to chew to pieces.

Just be sure to give this area a once-over to remove anything that might hurt the dog. Obvious flags include: chemicals, certain plants, medicines and clutter that can be knocked over.

The Drive Home

If you’re fortunate, the kennel you’ve chosen to purchase from has taken your future pup in the car for a ride. Sometimes, no matter how reputable the kennel, this just isn’t possible. For many puppies, the ride back to you home will be their first in a car. Make sure you drive with a partner so someone can soothe the puppy. If possible, crate the dog. Tire it out by letting it run free around the kennel one last time, then put it in the crate and have someone accompany the puppy during the drive.

If you keep these tips in mind, your puppy will have an easier transition moving into your home.