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Bora Bora Travel Safety against tropical Diseases

October 21, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

Luxury vacations are thought to be only for the wealthy. However, the Internet is leveling the playing field. Excursions to the most amazing places in the world are now within reach of the average Joe and Jane. You no longer are left only with a dream of Bora Bora. Now you can plan your trip and go.

When you go, remember that Bora Bora is in Tahiti and Tahiti is in the Tropics. The Tropics is a band of the Earth from 23.5 North to 23.5 South and contains 80% of the organisms on the planet. It has the most direct and intense sunlight, encouraging the propagation of life. However, with so many organisms in such a small band, there is intense competition.

Do not just wander off into the forest without someone knowledgeable in traveling in Tropical hiking. There are creatures you have never heard of before, not even on the Animal Planet. Also, the micro-organisms are deadlier. You must wash your hands as often as you can with gel soap and hot water. Only drink bottled water. Be careful about swimming in fresh water.

There are so many diseases possible in the Tropics that you really must be careful. The way many of them are spread is through mosquitoes and other insects. So wear long-sleeved shirts and pants, but also spray yourself with some mosquito repellent that contains DEET or Picaridin. The latter is weaker, so you may need to use more for it to be effective.


If you are careful, you can have a trouble free vacation. In Bora Bora travel safe, because Bora Bora vacations are worth the extra caution. When you are ready to go, visit for an unforgettable Tahiti experience of your life.


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