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Kayaking in Washington Seas – Orcas, Matia, and Sucia

If you’re looking at a kayaking trip through Washington seas, there’s possibly no greater adventure than an Orcas Island to Matia Island trip. This 7-mile sea kayaking route exploring Washington’s Northern Puget Sound lets you travel outside the ferry line, allowing you to completely enjoy calm waters, gorgeous island views, breathtaking mountain sights, and awesome wildlife. At Orcas... [Read more]

Interesting things to do in the San Juan Islands

If you think about an ideal Northwest Island getaway, then the only place that comes to mind are the San Juan Islands. It is an explorer’s dream come true to visit this place, especially in the summer. Here are some interesting things to do according to San Juan PM: The best part of the journey to this part of the world is the whale watching. It is the best place for the people who want to see the... [Read more]

Safety Guidelines Any Pilot Should Follow

Summary: Flying an aircraft, much like any other vehicle, requires the right preparation to make the travels as safe as possible.   Before anyone can legally drive cars on public roads they must first learn the rules, practice, and pass a driving test. Understanding how to navigate the streets can make getting around the city a much safer and comfortable experience. Aircrafts also require a good... [Read more]

An introduction to the San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands, an archipelago consisting of numerous small islands, is one of America`s hidden secrets. These islands make up part of Washington State. A variety of run and exciting activities await any visitors to the islands. Here are some interesting facts about the islands from San Juan PM: The year-long temperatures make for some perfect beach lounging and activities. Even in winter, the... [Read more]

Going Kayaking in Washington State

Are you looking for a Kayaking adventure In Washington? When considering kayaking Washington State, one is spoiled for choice. Washington is home to over a thousand lakes, rivers, and creeks. However, if you are thinking about going kayaking in Washington, here are some things that will be of interest to the inexperienced paddler: Be Safe. Be Prepared. Experts like Crystal Seas will tell you that safety... [Read more]

Top Tips for Avoiding Injury in Youth Soccer

Summary: Every parent wants their child to stay healthy while playing sports. Here are some tips on how to reinforce safety for a youth soccer team.   As the head coach for a youth soccer team, you’re responsible for keeping each member safe from any major injuries. Before you start thinking that avoiding injury completely is impossible, yes that’s true. However, by taking the appropriate... [Read more]

Three things to see in New York City

The eight and a half million residents would agree with any visiting tourist that it is one of the best cities in the world. There is a world of experience that awaits every visitor. There is so much to do, so much to see, and so much to eat. The question is: where do you start? Garden Retreat Spa lists out some of the best things to do in New York City: Central Park Featured in movies and TV shows,... [Read more]

Best Rental Car Tips for Backpackers

Summary: Rental cars provide much-needed benefits for backpackers and travelers. Nothing beats backpacking in the great outdoors, especially when the weather allows for a beautiful day. But, visiting new places, especially out of state, might require you to rent a car, which ultimately defeats the whole purpose of renting a car right? Well, not exactly. How Backpackers Benefit from Rental Cars Rental... [Read more]

How to Approach Remodeling a Room

Summary: Whether your furniture is beat-up or you simply want to change things up, there are some tips you should keep in mind when looking for new outdoor furniture pieces. Stick to a Theme Buying new furniture for your outdoor patio can be an overwhelming task without a proper plan of attack. A good way to approach decorating is coming up with a theme or aesthetic that you would like to express.... [Read more]

Kayaking for tips for beginners

Kayaking is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. However, first-time kayakers may feel overwhelmed by the equipment, the environment, and the water before they even attempt their first kayaking adventure. Here are some tips to guide first-time kayakers make the most of their kayaking experience. Kayaking equipment – Most kayaks can hold 1 to 3 paddlers. Kayaks are made with plastic... [Read more]

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