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4 Different types of kayaks explained

April 11, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Crystal Seas

Your kayaking tour will greatly depend on the type of kayak you choose. Here is a brief list of four different types of kayaks available in the market.

Sit on top style Kayaks- These kayaks are self-bailing, and therefore you don’t have to worry about bailing the boat. They are also very popular; this means that you will always have this type of kayak on offer. For those kayakers who are new to the sport, this type of kayak is a safe and flexible option. However, sit on top kayaks will not let the paddler effectively control the boat with their body.

Sit in style Kayaks – Sit in style kayaks are built with more efficient hull design, which allows for more storage and keeps the paddler’s dryer during the trip. Its design will help the paddler effectively use his/her body to control the boat.

Whitewater Kayaks – Whitewater kayaks are not fitted with a keel and don’t track in a straight line. This design feature makes them very maneuverable and agile. However, the cockpit is tight as it is designed to handle rough conditions.

Recreational Kayaks – Recreational kayaks are used on some kayak expeditions and will appeal to low-intensity Its design gives it stability, while its large cockpits is best to leisurely float through flat water, lakes, ponds, and gentle rivers and creeks.

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