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Essentials for any Boat Owner

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Summary: No matter if you use your boat for leisure or for business, there are certain essentials you should always have on deck.

There is something special about being out in the water. Heading out on your boat can be relaxing, exciting, and enjoyable. As fun as boating can be, however, you cannot deny how dangerous it can be. When you are out in the water you need to be prepared to handle any situation that comes your way. Since you might not be able to easily turn back and quickly pick something up from the land, it would be wise to pack your boat with the essentials you would need to approach the challenges you might face.

Clean Water

Even though you will be surrounded by water when you are boating, you need to keep in mind that the water your boat is sitting in might not be safe to consume. If you plan on using water to drink or cook, you will need to bring clean water on deck before even leaving the dock. Invest in a robust water bladder that can store large volumes of water without getting damaged by the heat of the sun.


When you are far from land you might have little to no cell service. It would not be wise to depend on your cellphone to get in touch with those on land or with others who are also out on the water. A standard walkie-talkie is reliable and can usually last many hours without needing to be charged. Even if you do have cell service, it would be smart to have more than one way to reach others if you need information or need assistance out at sea.

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Kayaking in Washington Seas – Orcas, Matia, and Sucia

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If you’re looking at a kayaking trip through Washington seas, there’s possibly no greater adventure than an Orcas Island to Matia Island trip. This 7-mile sea kayaking route exploring Washington’s Northern Puget Sound lets you travel outside the ferry line, allowing you to completely enjoy calm waters, gorgeous island views, breathtaking mountain sights, and awesome wildlife.

At Orcas Island, unique beach houses line the northern shore. Apart from that, the island has long been known to be an outdoorsman’s paradise. On the other hand, uninhabited shoreline spanning almost 4 miles awaits adventurers at Matia Islands. The island also essentially houses a 145-acre national wildlife refuge. Along the north side, waters and known to be extremely calm. Slow winds and currents lets the water form a glass-like surface, something incredible to paddle through. In this area, you’re also likely to witness porpoises and seals in their natural habitat.

According to Crystal Seas, the best seasons to kayak Washington seas from Orcas Island to Matia Island is either spring, summer, or fall. No matter the season, it is important to check a tide chart before taking the trip. Poor timing will not only make it difficult and unenjoyable but also unsafe.

Should your thirst for adventure be unquenched at this point, consider extending your trip and paddling towards Sucia Island. This kayaking route will span around 3.2 miles. Although these waters aren’t the actual path for whale migration, whales are commonly sighted here. Other wildlife such as sea lions and shore birds are also typically seen.

With the opportunity to spot various wildlife, see magnificent views of mountains and islands, and enjoy beautiful waters, kayaking in Washington seas, especially in some of San Juan Islands’ northernmost waters, will give you an adventure of a lifetime.


Interesting things to do in the San Juan Islands

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If you think about an ideal Northwest Island getaway, then the only place that comes to mind are the San Juan Islands. It is an explorer’s dream come true to visit this place, especially in the summer. Here are some interesting things to do according to San Juan PM:

The best part of the journey to this part of the world is the whale watching. It is the best place for the people who want to see the orca or the killer whales. These whales travel around the San Juan Islands during the summer months, searching for salmon. There are also other fish and mammals that can be easily encountered during the journey to these islands. These include the Dall’s porpoise, Stellar Sea Lion, humpback minks, grey whales and many more.

You can plan activities like scuba diving, where you can plunge deep into the blue waters and enjoy the view of the magnificent sea-

life such as octopus, eels, rockfish, anemones and others.

You can also plan a kayaking expedition to the Friday Harbour, to explore the island’s byways and waterways. You can witness the mesmerizing creatures like pigeons, guillemots, double-crested pelagic cormorants and harbor seals.

Exploring the Lopez Island also gives you the opportunity to see bald eagles as well as other water birds. It also boasts of many parks from Agate Beach County Park with its soothing sound of waves over pebbles to the magnificent Shark Reef Sanctuary where you can spot seal and sea lions.

You can visit the century-old Roche Harbour Resort, historical Moran Mansion, San Juan National Historical Park, Lime Kiln Point State Park, and Whale Museum.

Another great thing to do here is to visit the Pelindaba Farm, where you can experience the amazing feeling of wandering through the fields of delicate purple flowers.

A visit to the San Juan Islands is nothing short of a delightful and mesmerizing experience for any nature lover who will not be highly entertained but also awe-struck with this island’s ultimate beauty. The only way you could make it better is with a vacation home in San Juan island.