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An introduction to the San Juan Islands

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The San Juan Islands, an archipelago consisting of numerous small islands, is one of America`s hidden secrets. These islands make up part of Washington State. A variety of run and exciting activities await any visitors to the islands. Here are some interesting facts about the islands from San Juan PM:

The year-long temperatures make for some perfect beach lounging and activities. Even in winter, the temperatures hardly ever dip below 40 degrees. A whole range of outdoor activities supports this ideal blend of sun and sand. They range from whale-watching to sailing to hiking up the scenic hills. Access to the San Juan Islands is usually by plane or by ferry. The ferry is very popular as it provides tourists with a good view of the surrounding islands and sea. Ideally, you can book San Juan island rentals before you arrive and head straight there to unwind.

The natural landscape in the islands varies from hills and valleys to sunny beaches. Whale-watching is a favorite activity for tourists in San Juan. The Lime Kiln State Park is an ideal spot to watch the aquatic lifestyle of these majestic creatures. Friday Harbor, in the San Juan Island, is yet another example of a tourist hot-spot that always seems to be bustling with activity. Tourists will enjoy socializing in the quaint, little cafes and restaurants. But away from the beaches and the shoreline and into the hills of the San Juans, lies another attraction, the famed lavender fields. The sprawling lavender fields in the islands have long held the fascination of many tourists. Picnics in the lavender fields are quite popular with tourists and locals alike. The Pelindaba Lavender Farm, in particular, has proven to be quite a catch to tourists. In fact, the Annual San Juan Island Festival is held at the farm every year in July. With such a lovely climate and a host of activities to indulge in, it is easy to see why the San Juan Islands remains such a popular tourist destination.

Going Kayaking in Washington State

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Are you looking for a Kayaking adventure In Washington?

When considering kayaking Washington State, one is spoiled for choice. Washington is home to over a thousand lakes, rivers, and creeks. However, if you are thinking about going kayaking in Washington, here are some things that will be of interest to the inexperienced paddler: Be Safe. Be Prepared.

Experts like Crystal Seas will tell you that safety is and should always be the primary consideration for those who wish to venture into any body of water. In Washington, like anywhere else, the waters can be rough and unpredictable. Even very experienced kayakers don’t underestimate its raw power. Be sure to bring all of the appropriate safety gear and equipment. Also, always be aware of your surroundings. Things can go incredibly wrong when you are not paying attention.

If you are inexperienced or unfamiliar with Washington’s waters, it would be wise to bring someone who is familiar with the area to act as a guide. While it may be fun to imagine blindly embarking on a journey into the unknown, in reality, you are simply exposing yourself and your companions to unnecessary risks.

San Juan County has so much gorgeous flora and fauna, but there is one animal that stands above all others. Orcas! Yes, there are orcas in this region of Washington, and you do not want to miss out on a chance to kayak next to these tremendous, intelligent, aquatic predators. They offer kayaking tours to those who would like to embark on this wondrous and utterly awe-inspiring experience. Spending time in the presence of the noble beings in their natural environment is truly humbling. I wholeheartedly recommend kayaking with orcas

There are thousands of alternatives in Washington, but in my experience, none of them can compare to kayaking with orcas. If you decide to go kayaking in Washington, keep these tips in mind to stay safe and have fun.