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Upgrade your boat interiors

October 15, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Foam Factory.

After some years of use, you might start to notice that the cushions on your benches and berth have become uncomfortably saggy and sloppy. Your boat might still have some great years ahead of it, its cushions unfortunately have not been able to keep up. Boat foams are sometimes not very resistant to wear and tend to be damaged by stains, dirt, rain or seawater. If you usually spend a long time at sea, having worn-out cushions and mattresses can be frustrating. A solution to this is to change your boat foam.

If you like DIY projects, you can choose to replace your cushions yourself. This method is cost-effective and allows you to exercise control over the choice of the foam and fabric used. A good long term solution to improving the support of your cushions is to choose durable and fast-drying foams for your boat interiors. A foam manufacturing company could generally provide you with the possibility to customise the size of the foam to the dimension of your bench or boat mattress.

Carlo Badalamenti is the VP of the Foam Factory, which is a foam manufacturing and selling company that has existed since 1980. His company offers a good choice of products to facilitate your projects whether it is for your boat mattress or cushion replacements. Their specially-formulated marine foams have the property of being fast-drying and long-lasting and have the advantage of being anti-bacterial. The staff are easily available in case you have any questions regarding custom sizes and which foam to choose.