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Things To Do in Ridgewood

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Written by Ebergen Country Homes

Ridgewood is one of the favorite weekend getaways from New York. It’s located in Bergen country and it is just less than an hour ride from Manhattan. Alternatively you can get there with via train from Penn station to New Jersey, then change trains from Secaucus that heads to Ridgewood.

There are several things you can do at Ridgewood over the weekend or even for a longer trip. For families and kids, you can spend summer days at Graydon pool. For a minimum fee or membership, you can take your kids swimming in this huge outdoor “plake”. The Graydon has been with Ridgewood residents for almost three decades now ever since it was opened in 1985.

For those who love exploring historical buildings and sites, you can start by visiting the memorial at Van Neste Square. You can find a plaque near the monument that has the names of Ridgewood citizens that have died in war. The village also has several historical houses that date back in the colonial times. Among them are the Ackerman Houses in Doremus and Lincoln Avenue, where one of them was built in 1811.

For outdoor lovers, you can take a stroll by the Saddle river or cycle round the Ridgewood Duck pond. There’s also a dog park where you can take you pet to make new friends from the neighborhood.

If you’re looking for Ridgewood homes for sale, you can inquire from several of the prime realtors in the area. Al Donohue, a Ridgewood realtor, can show you several houses and apartments for sale. There are several reasons why Ridgewood NJ real estate is in demand. One of them, is that despite the proximity to Manhattan and other modern cities, the town is able to maintain its suburban charm and personality. Another factor is that it’s rated as one of the safes places to live in New Jersey. Crime ratings in the town are very low in Ridgemond.

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How to Refurbish an Old Wooden Door in 3 Steps

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Antique or aged solid-wood doors are sometimes neglected when the varnish has worn away, exposing the wood to the exposure of the sun and rain. However, these doors are restorable when the varnish or paint has partially or completely disappeared. For doors with the majority of varnish missing from the wooden surface, you begin the restoration process by sanding and scraping the remnants of varnish, as well as the dried-out portion of the wood surface, until the wood is freshly exposed and exudes its fragrance.

When the old finish is only partially damaged, it is much easier to first remove it with methylene chloride. After a few minutes, the old finish dissolves and is easily scraped off. You need to neutralize and clean off the chemical with rags soaked in denatured alcohol before sanding. After the sanding and scraping is complete, the new finish must be applied to seal the wood from further exposure to moisture.

  1. All removable hardware must be disassembled, while all permanent fixtures, such as metal peepholes and glass, must be taped off.
  2. Sand with 120-grit paper, and scrape with plastic or metal scrapers, taking care not to dig the corners of the scraper into the wood. Before scraping and sanding, if needed, pour on a small amount of chloride and brush it over the partially damaged area with 2 or 3 strokes of the brush. The corners are easily cleaned with 00 steel wool and stripping pads.
  3. When you have exposed the fresh wood beneath the surface, apply an oil-based varnish in 3 coats, allowing each top coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.

Your old wooden door is restored when the last coat of varnish is applied to bring out the vibrant color and definition of the newly-exposed wood grain.

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Are Long Distance Relationships Right for You?

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Written by New York Socials

Are long distance relationships worth the effort? As a professional dating coach who offers a personal matchmaking service for affluent men, I’m often asked this question by many of my clients. On the surface, a long distance relationship seems like a great way to get to know someone. You can write long emails, talk on the phone for hours, and learn as much as possible about one another until you get to see them in person. While it might help build a solid foundation for companionship, a long distance relationship doesn’t have what it takes to keep a relationship afloat. Here’s why:

Adds to Existing Problems

Traditional relationships in which two people get to see each other on a regular basis are hard enough. Why add to the problems by distance? Long distance relationships not only exasperate existing problems, but create new ones. That’s why when clients request my matchmaking services in NYC, I do my best to match them up with others who live in the same area.

Making Up is Hard to Do

When two people get into an argument, it’s important for both of them to be in the same room so they can have the intimacy they need to work things out. For example, body language is impossible to judge over the phone or via email and text. Emotions are also hard to read in writing or over the phone. Even if two people are able to solve their issues long distance, they can’t show affection and do the things normal couples do when they make up.

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