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Top Three Turnoffs In Men on a Date

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Written by New York Socials

This is an age-old story I often hear while providing high end dating services in NYC: You meet a girl online or at a party. You start texting and flirting and allow yourself to believe you may have found the woman of your dreams. You can’t wait for the first date and count minutes until you are together. And then you finally meet and while you are still just as excited, at the end of the date you start to feel she is withdrawn and cold. When you lean in for a kiss, you get a side of her cheek and a corner of an ear (if you’re lucky). When you text her again, the response is “I had a lovely time, but I don’t think this will work out.” So what happened? As a relationship coach in NYC, I’ve heard many reasons why women get turned off during a first date. Here are the top three:

Poor Attire

Gentlemen, please give some thought to the way you present yourselves. Remember, first impressions last a lifetime. Women are uncomfortable and embarrassed to be seen with men that are dressed sloppily and /or inappropriately. Call the venue of your date to ask them about a dress code. When you are not sure, ask a friend who is known to be a good dresser, or, better yet, ask another woman for advice: your friend/sister/cousin, etc. (make sure it is not someone who will deliberately steer you in the wrong direction -i.e. ex girlfriend). Finally when in doubt, remember it’s better to be over then under dressed. In the words of Oscar Wilde: You can never be overdressed or overeducated.

The Creep Factor

If you notice a look of disgust or fear in your date’s face, chances are you have entered the ‘creep zone.’ Certain words and phrases, such as ‘baby-doll’, ‘pussycat’, ‘honey face’, will not only scare your date, but will make her want to put out a public announcement warning other women to stay away.


She agreed to go out with you. So don’t be overly thankful to her or tell her how her beauty overshadows your meaningless existence or keep asking why a girl like that would want to go out with a loser like you. Remember, confidence is sexy. No woman wants to spend her time and effort on building up your ego.

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Finding a place to stay in the Cayman Islands

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Written by Rem Services

If you ever have the opportunity of being able to stay in the Cayman Islands, you should definitely find properties that are either for sale or for rent. This is where you need to look for Cayman islands property leasing or Cayman property management that can provide you with a good listing of properties that are either for sale or for rent. Now, why should you rent your own place or buy your very own place? The short and simple answer to that question is because it is a very sound investment to get your own place in one of the world’s most desirable places to live in. Can you imagine the golden opportunity that you can get if you have your own place here? The sheer number of visitors to the Cayman Islands alone would be cause enough to get your own place. And the tourists as well aren’t stingy, they are here because they can afford to be here, and they want to spend their money. Other than being able to rent out your own place, having a place to live in these beautiful islands will also allow you to have huge savings. You no longer have to stay in hotels which can easily set you back a few hundred dollars for a single night’s stay. Imagine if you had to stay in the islands for a month, how much would you be spending on hotels? If you had your own place, you would only be spending a fraction of that.


Grand Cayman condo rentalsare very desirable properties that a lot of people want to get their hands on. You need to act fast before someone snatches it away from you.

How do soccer players stay warm despite playing during winter?

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Written by Soccer Garage

If you are a soccer fan, you may have asked yourself a couple of times how these players who wear shorts keep themselves warm despite playing under winter weather. Aside from soccer referee gearand soccer referee equipment, soccer players wear just about the same type of apparel as any other player with jerseys as well as soccer shows. However, during games played in the winter and in the outdoors, players are allowed to wear compression apparel for their upper and lower bodies provided that they come in the same color as their jerseys as well. For winter, teams usually let their players play in long-sleeved jerseys but the shorts are still maintained. Since you obviously can’t wear winter coats while playing, your compression gear will keep your body temperature at normal levels. As for your extremities, you will need to have a glove as well as a knit hat if the referee allows it. if you are substituted from the game, make sure to put on a coat, track pants, and perhaps even a thick blanket for you to stay warm as you sit in the sidelines. It’s not easy playing in temperatures that are near freezing, so you need to do everything that you can do to stay warm. And that also includes warming up as well. After all, nobody wants to head into a game feeling ice cold and their bodies not being limber enough to maintain a high level of activity for ninety minutes.

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Best Ski Resorts to Practice Skiing in Colorado

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Written by: Ski Daddy

Everyone’s got to start somewhere, and lots of people start by booking group ski packages to Colorado. Colorado is packed tightly with multiple resorts that cater to individuals of all skill levels. In this list, you’re bound to find at least one destination that will help teach you the skills you need to hit the powder.


Breckenridge is one of the most highly trafficked ski resorts in the Western hemisphere. It debuted in 1961, offering service to trails on peak 8 (which still continue today). The main lift was a dual chair lift, and the same lift was installed on the black diamond trail Mach One. The resort is spread across five different peaks that offer varying degrees of difficulty for skiers. Peak 9 is where the beginner should be, specifically the lower part. To access this area, use the Quicksilver Super 6 lift.

Crested Butte

Two men purchased a ranch in 1960, and used the land to start a skiing park. The first ten years were a struggle, but the resort continues to be a destination for group ski trips to Colorado. The base is located off of the western edge of the mountain, and beginners will want to visit the East River section for the best blues in the area. You take a high speed quad lift to get there, and Floresta or Black Eagle are great runs to start with. Just be careful as you arrive at the base. The area is a runout for skiers headed down North Face. Crested Butte is considered an “adventure” destination, and there are plenty of activities to do off the mountain in town.


Booking family ski trips to Colorado at Keystone puts you in the largest resort you can find inside Summit County. It was founded in 1970, and it consists of three different mountains. The mountains are all connected by gondolas and lifts that transport skiers around the resort. Only about 19% of Keystone’s trails are made for a beginner, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but that’s almost the entire front side of the resort. Look for the gondola-mid station or the base area of the Mountain house to find beginner lessons and a newbie-friendly zone.


There are three chair lifts that service the beginner zones in Steamboat, a resort named after the company who operates the mountain. The resort has 165 trails, with 14% dedicated to beginners. The Gondola, Thunderhead Express, and Christie Peak Express all service the novice sections of the mountain. Try the “Why Not Trail.” It’s a bit long, but it’s a good test for those straddling the line between beginner and intermediate.