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What soccer and traveling have in common

April 25, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Article written by Soccer Garage

Soccer, or football, is the world’s largest sport. This sport is played on almost every single country in the world and it transcends race, gender, religion, and age. You could even say that soccer brings the world together. And every time you travel, you are sure to bump into someone that’s sporting soccer clothing or that you would walk into a neighborhood with people kicking a soccer ball around. Traveling makes you more exposed to different cultures and makes you more tolerant and aware of these. In a sense, soccer almost does the same thing. It brings different people together from all walks of life. You might not speak the same language, but you love the same sport. You can learn a lot from both soccer and traveling, as a matter of fact, you could even use soccer as a great conversation starter or an icebreaker whenever you visit someplace new.

In other words, these two things opens up your perception about the world. It makes you aware that you are just a small part in a big world, and that there is so much more to see than just your home town. It kind of puts things into perspective, seeing as how there is so much that this world has to offer. Perhaps even the next time you travel, you might want to go to the Bernabeu, Camp Nou, or Old Trafford. Soak in all that culture, and bask in the glory where all the past and present soccer would hit the pitch.


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