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Vacation Packing Tips for the Last-Minute Traveler

June 30, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

Summary: You’ve landed at your destination only to find out that you forgot to pack your allergy medication. Don’t be “that guy”, here’s a list that’ll ensure you have everything you need.

Before you depart on your exciting vacation, you’ll want to double-check your belongings to ensure you have everything. Here’s a list that’ll make your getaway stress-free.

Name Tags

Name tags can be a life-saver if you’re at the airport and 5 other families have the exact same brand of luggage that you do. Most suitcases do come standard with name tags so be sure to fill them out.

Medicine and First Aid

Keep a small bag that carries all the necessary pills and medication that you’ll need for your trip. After all, the last thing you’ll want to endure is a sick stomach, a massive migraine, or a fever on your trip. While you could opt for a domestic recipe, you could run into a few problems like limited prescriptions.

Extra Bag Space

Whether you’re looking to bring home some present for the holiday season or just waiting to stuff your bag with an assortment of souvenirs, having extra bag space is crucial. After all, it’s inevitable that you’ll be bringing back more than what you originally brought.

How Many Pairs of Shoes?

One of the biggest bag-fillers in your luggage will be your shoes. Now, how many pairs are you going to need for your trip? Most experts say that having three different types of shoes for a 1-2 week trips is relatively ideal (this include flip-flops). If your shoes are basically taking up your entire luggage, you could be passing on bringing other essentials that you’d need more – or even go with leaving space for gifts and souvenirs.

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