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Use of foam in camping/ boats – outdoor cushions

February 24, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

By Canada Foam By Mail

One of the most underappreciated products that we have developed over the past few years is something that we interact daily with but never really seem to notice. It gives you rest and relaxation, insulation, and even silence depending on where you put it, it’s literally everywhere and you won’t notice it until it’s gone. That product is foam canada, and it has progressed as a consumer product since the day it was introduced to the market. One application for these foam products is one for nautical purposes. Boats can be a very uncomfortable means of transportation especially in deep seas where the winds and the waves can rock the boat and cause turbulence on the surface.

Each wave it comes into contact to can become uncomfortable bumps to the one steering or the one riding the boat. This is why boat cushion is now made to adapt to these high sea troubles, making sea travel more luxurious and less stressful than what it once was. Of course, not all foams are made equal, and choosing the right kind to fill your boat seats can be tricky. There are generally two kinds, open cell and closed cell foams, the main difference is the amount of absorption and hardness of the foam. Some would use layers of each foam to fine tune the amount of softness and durability for their own requirement. Then there’s the issue of price, closed cell foam, being much denser than its counterpart, is more expensive, so be careful on what you order.

Canada Foam by Mail is an online retailer for various kinds of flexible polyurethane foam for all applications.

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