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Learning Happens Even Outside the Classroom

February 24, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

When it comes to the development of small children, it is important for them to learn social skills to help them with most any situation in life, but sometimes the importance of a social environment for children to interact with each other in a low-pressure setting is overlooked. Spending time with other kids helps them learn how to react during social situations in larger or smaller groups alike.

Especially during the times when they are at school, or better yet, preschool, it is important to provide children a well-rounded learning environment. As much value as there is in academics, those cover only a fraction of the information they will absorb and take with them at the end of the day. Even with the most basic tasks in the classroom, children learn problem-solving skills, both individually and in groups. They learn about teamwork and how to share. At the core of things, they learn what’s right and wrong, and how to follow instructions.

learning outside classroom

When it comes to outside or extracurricular activities, not only are kids learning to apply the other skills they are acquiring, but they also learn other, just-as-important skills. They get to use their imaginations and be creative, as well as develop more athletic traits, giving them the choice to run around and blow off some steam; everyone needs to decompress from time to time, and young children are no exception.

Having an outdoor playground that stimulates both the mind and body is just as important as having children work out solutions in the classroom. However expansive playgrounds may be, and whether or not they have swings, slides, monkey bars, or any other pieces of equipment, there only needs to be enough space to accommodate the amount of children playing there at any given time.

Even the best school playground will still have enough space for the kids to play on or around without crowding each other too much. The other thing you will want to remember is that these kids spend the rest of their day crammed in a classroom, and this is the time that they get to spread their wings and enjoy themselves. The time they spend on the playground will be what they look forward to every day, and with that understanding, you have to give them a place that they will cherish and appreciate in their own way, and that they will carry with them and remember for the rest of their lives.

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