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High-tech gadgets for the next camping trip

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16Written by Costbuys

Many people love to spend as much time as possible with mother nature, camping and hiking. Some hike alone, another camp with their family. They traverse the outdoors, climb mountains and hills and love to surround themselves with nature. Then there are those of us that like to do that while keeping our gadgets with us. Here is a list of some hi-tech gadgetry you can get from an online shopping portal that is built for the outdoors:

The first is the solar powered light. There are solar-charged lanterns that can provide enough illumination for a small camp. The charge can vary on the model, but usually, the larger ones can last several hours. Shop online for these extremely useful LED lanterns.

Another is the Eton Scorpion. It is a splash proof AM/FM radio that also has a LED flashlight that can charge other devices. The best part is that it is charged by the sun during the day or by an attached hand-crank.

The Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System is one of the easiest ways of getting clean water. It is a bag and a filter. Fill the bag with water, attach the filter and then squeeze the drinkable water back out.

For drinking water, there is also the CamelBak All Clear Bottle. Basically, you fill the bottle with water, turn on the UV cap and shake it for a minute. Now you have clean drinking water. The UV light charge lasts for 80 cleaning cycles and can be charged again through the USB port.


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