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Four Other Festivals in Munich that Aren’t Oktoberfest

January 17, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Posted By Phineas Upham

Looking for a chance to spend some time in Munich, but worried you’re going to miss out on Oktoberfest? Not to worry! There are many festivals all year long in Germany’s busiest city. Try to book your trip outside of Oktoberfest’s peak travel time and save money while you enjoy these fun festivals in the city of beer.


Take the U6 train to Studentenstadt in early June and chances are you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of Stustaculum. This open-air festival takes place in the largest student quarter of Europe. For four days, citizens of Munich will watch theatrical productions, sing, dance and generally be merry.


Before Oktoberfest there is Fruhlingfest, which takes place near the end of April each year. This gathering lasts for two weeks, gathering people beneath tents to drink and attend shows. The first Saturday of the festival also features a massive flea market.

Filmfest Munchen

The first week of July features a film festival in Munich. Filmfest is not as wonderous as Cannes or Venice, but this show is a great chance for new and old directors to show off their productions. If you’re a film buff, this festival might give you a sneak peak at some great films for the year.


Munich festivals typically involve the entire city, and Fasching is no exception. Beginning in January, you can witness costume balls and fancy-dress gatherings around the streets of this Bavarian city. These pre-lent festivities are celebrated by the city’s primarily catholic leaders.

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