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Choosing Exterior Doors

April 11, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by ETO Doors

When it comes to choosing doors to lead to the exterior of your home, whether to your patio or garden, there are various key factors that would need to be considered. These are listed down below.


The material of the door would play an essential part in the choice of the exterior door. Generally exterior wood doors blend well with natural settings such as those of a garden or patio. This is because wood in itself is an organic material and as such it does not clash with the look of the outdoors.


Wooden front doors, especially those made out of solid wood are known to be completely durable. These types of doors are able to resist the elements of nature such as humidity and snow. They are also resistant to direct sunlight.


The durability of wood ensures that low maintenance is required to keep the door in good condition. The only maintenance work would involve applying a fresh coating of finish or varnish about twice a year to keep the fresh appearance of the door.


Wooden doors have a bold and elegant look to them. They contribute tremendously to improve the general look of any garden or patio. Such a door is also able to enhance the architectural appearance of a house in general. This is one of the main reasons why wood doors are preferred over other types of doors for exterior purposes.

ETO Doors offers a large selection of wood doors for numerous applications including for the interior and exterior. Their doors are able to blend well with natural surroundings of the garden.

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