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Social Benefits of taking your dog to visit a dog hotel

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562639_609730808858_401165352_nLet’s say that you need to go out of town for a family reunion, business meeting or wedding. You might feel somewhat concerned about what actions to take with your dog. What will happen to them during this time? Leaving them at a dog hotel has traditionally been the most popular choice because you have a social environment where your little Fido will have a doggy cot and a place where he can even watch TV. Some of the other Miami dog hotel amenities might include a pool for staying cool during the heated months in Miami.

Your dog might also enjoy a massage. The great thing about taking your dog to a doggie day care Miami company is that they will enjoy the social aspect with the other canines. This type of environment has a boarding house element to it. With that arrangement for cats, this has sometimes proven more problematic, but dogs especially love to meet new friends, and it ensures that while you are gone, your beloved pet will not feel lonely.

One of the greatest advantages of putting your dog in a social environment at a dog hotel is how it tends to reduce the stress. Especially if you have an older dog that is always used to being around people, they may not have the heart to be left alone, and this is a great solution because your pet will be among other dogs and people. Many people choose a veterinarian hospital as a dog kennel Miami company, but the biggest problem with this is that it is a sterile and lonely environment. It does not give the same warm welcome that a doggy hotel offers.

Prepping for a Backpacking Trip

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 photo backpacking-trip_zpszrydzlpu.jpgFrom the rugged mountain ranges of BC to the sprawling forests of northern Ontario, there are few other countries besides Canada that seem so well-suited to outdoor adventuring.

If you’re preparing for a backpacking trip this spring or summer, you might be overwhelmed at the amount of tasks to check off your list, and the amount of items you’ll need to lug around with you. By simply purchasing flexible polyurethane foam from Canada before embarking on your excursion, many typical camping obstacles can be overcome with ease.

How can foam be used to make your outdoor camping or backpacking trip a success? 100% Canadian-made foam can be utilized in many different ways for many different purposes, from packing luggage for long car trips to padding custom outdoor cushions. Foam offers a protective padding for boxes and bags carrying heavy or fragile objects, and fills out custom outdoor cushions and bedding so that you can sit by the campfire or curl up in a tent in comfort.

Foam sacks—covered in a variety of differently coloured fabrics—are highly useful for backpacking trips, as they are lightweight and compactable. Kick back and stargaze in the wilderness on a plush bed of foam! In the past these sacks gained popularity in university dorms and elementary school classrooms, and with businesspeople whose jobs required frequent relocation, but hikers and backpackers are starting to jump on the bandwagon too.

For the more creative outdoorsmen, custom outdoor cushions can be designed and crafted using a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. When cushions are made with durable, long-lasting foam–such as Dryfast or natural latex, both of which are built to withstand high levels of moisture and dampness—they are sure to last through the most unpredictable weather. You may not be able to control the elements, but bringing polyurethane foam sheets along with you on your backpacking trip will at least bring you peace of mind.

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Owning a Boat in the Cayman Islands

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sailing-boat-775978_1280There are many outdoor activities that might draw someone to the Cayman Islands, but sailing is probably one of the island’s biggest draws. Sailing represents livelihood for tour boats and snorkeling adventures, but the Cayman Islands have an active yacht club and several marinas to choose from. Owning a boat is a bit like buying a car, but property in Grand Cayman doesn’t come with a slip. Here are the things you need to know about boat ownership in the Cayman Islands.

Fees and Licensing

Unlike property in Cayman, which is subject to a stamp duty at time of sale boats must be licensed every year. Owners have to pay an annual fee, and are responsible for documentation involving the boat. Fees are dependent on the size of the boat, with boats more than 100 feet owing up to $10,000 in fees. Those who plan to own commercial boats have a different process, which requires licensing in addition to some more complicated paperwork.


Another aspect of boat ownership is insurance, but it’s not required in the Cayman Islands. Insurance is there to cover you in the event of a boating accident, so it’s up to each individual whether they have adequate funds to cover such costs or if insurance would be a good investment. Keep in mind that an increase in the usage of your boat will also increase the risks associated with accidents.

Advantages to Buying New and Used

New boats offer a warranty and peace of mind, but used boats cost substantially less to buy outright. You can also enlist the help of a broker, who can determine your ideal price point based on your finances.

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