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Top Tips for Avoiding Injury in Youth Soccer

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Summary: Every parent wants their child to stay healthy while playing sports. Here are some tips on how to reinforce safety for a youth soccer team.


As the head coach for a youth soccer team, you’re responsible for keeping each member safe from any major injuries. Before you start thinking that avoiding injury completely is impossible, yes that’s true. However, by taking the appropriate steps to conditioning as well as coaching methods, you can help prevent any serious injuries during the game.


Proper Coaching


As a coach, your team looks up to you. You need to set a positive tone for each kid and ensure that every one of them follows a certain standard that you create. Whether it’s banning any horseplay or teaching them not to get into fights, it all starts with you. Set the tone early on in the season by laying down rules that they must follow. You’ll also want to have a meeting with the parents as well if there are any concerns. This way, you’ll be able to converse with them while also providing reassurance.


Check Equipment


Another factor that you’ll have to consider is the type of equipment that your team is using. If they’re bringing their own, make sure to check each piece to make sure they’re in working condition and don’t have any cracks. If they are, let them know about different stores like Soccer Garage for example, where they could purchase new apparel at a reasonable rate.


Now, this doesn’t mean that your team needs the most expensive equipment on the market. They could even use discount soccer cleats as long as they don’t have any tears and other noticeable damages.


Don’t Be Afraid to Get Tough


If one of your players gets into a fight, it’s important that you take him aside and talk to him about what happened. Yes, the game can be frustrating, especially if the opponent is doing something that’s triggering your player’s emotions. However, it’s important that you set an example for the rest of the team as well. Talk to him and discuss the importance of channeling that aggression into the game instead of other players. Failure to do so could result in your player constantly hurting others and compromising the sport. Integrity is the name of the game, which is why you should always preach this before every game and practice.


The Bottom Line


Safety should always be your number one priority when coaching. It does you no good to push them into a position where they could hurt themselves or others. What kind of example would that be if you held that stance? Obviously not a good one. Emphasize this as much as you can and you’ll soon realize that the game will move along much smoother than you’d expect it to.

Why Boat Cushions Are Always Recommended to Own

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Boat cushions fight off mildew growth and still provide substantial comfort to the user.

Written by: The Foam Factory

If you are a new boat owner, this guide will help you find the right type of cushion that you’ll need to prevent both mildew and bacterial growth. While you may believe that it isn’t necessary to replace your regular cushion with, say the moisture-friendly marine foam cushions, it’s actually worth noting that by switching, you will have a much cleaner and safe environment on your boat.

The Secret Behind Boat Cushions

Yacht cushions, boat cushions, specially-formulated cushions, whatever it may be, they all have one thing in common – they prevent mildew and bacterial growth inside. This is something that’s extremely important to watch out for, for both you and your guests’ safety. Mildew growth can trigger allergic reactions to individuals that are sensitive to being around it. In addition to this, mildew growth can spread around your boat. Remember, all it takes is a cold, damp spot for mold to start growing. The trick with these boat cushions is that they have an open cell structure and a formula within it that combats mold growth. The fact that your boat is surrounded by moisture and varying temperatures, you’ll want all the protection that you can get.

If you are the owner of a much larger boat, you may be thinking that you’ll need a specific boat mattress to be safe. However, this has been debated. Many boat owners believe that you can place any mattress on the interior of the boat while other think that mold and mildew can find a place in any area.

Play Your Best Soccer with the Right Shoes

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Written by Soccer Garage

No one wants to admit it, but the right shoes make all the difference. It’s why some of the best players in most leagues wear shoes like the Adidas Copa Mundial. Do sponsorships play a role? Of course! But do you think top players would wear those famous Adidas soccer cleats if it meant losing over and over?

4That’s not to say that skill and hard work don’t play a role. Just be sure that you have the right shoes for the job. First and foremost, that means doing your research and budgeting yourself so you can actually explore some options.

Then you need to find a pair that will actually support your foot during the wide range of diverse movements it will make while on the pitch. For best results, see if one of your teammates has the same size foot and wears a brand and model you’re interested in. Nothing compares to that kind of firsthand experience.

Of course, you should also explore how they’re reviewed and rated online. The internet gives you a huge advantage in terms of finding what works and what doesn’t. You should always read reviews before spending money on a pair of shoes or any type of gear, for that matter.


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Soccer Gear for a Great Game

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Written by Soccer Garage

Playing an improvised soccer game is quite easy and does not require much preparation. However, when it comes to playing for a league, you might have to be well equipped. This will depend upon the rules of the league in which you are playing. Most leagues would be requiring that the players wear the team’s jersey which would feature the team’s symbol along with the player’s name and number.

Soccer Jersey

The soccer jersey is crucial for any league play as this is the means through which the player would be identified depending on the team to which he belongs and his number. The number of the player will enable commentators to identify the position of the player and possible moves that he might be going for. For the player, the soccer jersey contributes to keeping the muscles warm during the game. Depending on the local climate, jerseys with or without porous meshes might be preferred.


Soccer shoes are essential for the performance of the player. It is often believed that the comfort of the player is key in having a great game. The ideal cleats should be selected depending on the nature of the ground played, whether that is natural or artificial grass. Generally, artificial grass would not be requiring cleats. Futsal or indoor soccer shoes would also be quite different from regular soccer cleats. Some players also prefer to choose their cleats depending on techniques and positions played.

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Get Ready for Soccer Season

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By Soccer Garage

Are you ready for soccer season? If you’re diehard fan of the sport, then you probably have two answers. “It’s always soccer season” and “yes.”

That probably also means you’re always on the hunt for the gear you need to get the most out of this year’s season. You need more than just a ball and the right shoes, you know. While you definitely want to have the skill set needed to be the star player, you also need to be busting out the best gear. To play like the best, you have to look like the best, after all.

So take a look through the available soccer bags to ensure you find one that can hold all your gear and look great at the same time. Opt for one that is easy to wash too, so you don’t end up with a bag that smells worse than a blind goalie.

Of course, you also want to have the best soccer clothes on the pitch. That way, people will know the best is coming and it’s best to just get out of your way.


Whether you still play the game or it’s just a sport you watch on TV, there’s no such thing as a semi-serious soccer fan. That means you probably want all the best gear for this obsession of yours (and understandably so). Head over to Soccer Garage then for everything from the best Adidas ball to the diadora soccer cleats you want on your feet.

How do soccer players stay warm despite playing during winter?

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Written by Soccer Garage

If you are a soccer fan, you may have asked yourself a couple of times how these players who wear shorts keep themselves warm despite playing under winter weather. Aside from soccer referee gearand soccer referee equipment, soccer players wear just about the same type of apparel as any other player with jerseys as well as soccer shows. However, during games played in the winter and in the outdoors, players are allowed to wear compression apparel for their upper and lower bodies provided that they come in the same color as their jerseys as well. For winter, teams usually let their players play in long-sleeved jerseys but the shorts are still maintained. Since you obviously can’t wear winter coats while playing, your compression gear will keep your body temperature at normal levels. As for your extremities, you will need to have a glove as well as a knit hat if the referee allows it. if you are substituted from the game, make sure to put on a coat, track pants, and perhaps even a thick blanket for you to stay warm as you sit in the sidelines. It’s not easy playing in temperatures that are near freezing, so you need to do everything that you can do to stay warm. And that also includes warming up as well. After all, nobody wants to head into a game feeling ice cold and their bodies not being limber enough to maintain a high level of activity for ninety minutes.

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Soccer Merchandise

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Written By: Soccer Garage

Being in the soccer merchandise business for a long time now, we have seen the trends in popularity when it comes to soccer merchandise. A big favourite for a lot of people or a lot of our customers are soccer bags. We offer many different kinds of soccer bags that comes in all the different colors! We have red, orange, yellow, green, violet, blue, indigo, peach, light blue, light red, pink, black, white, brown and so much more that it will be so hard for you to decide on which bag you will purchase. While you are purchasing in our store, there are many other products that can be found there as well, not just the soccer bags. We also have a wide variety of soccer back pack that also comes in a lot of different colors and designs. You want a back pack or bag of your favourite soccer team? No problem, we have that too! Whatever soccer merchandise it is that you wish to get your hands on, we will be able to get it for you if it is not already in our store. If you want shirts and shoes of your favourite team and player, we have many of those in stock because those are favourites among our loyal customers. Indulge in the many products that we have in the store and do not feel guilty after because all our prices are reasonable and affordable because we want all our customers to be happy and satisfied when it comes to their love in soccer.

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Why soccer apparel is perfect for use in the outdoors

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Written by Soccer Garage

When we think of soccer apparel, we automatically associate this with jerseys, shorts, socks, and a host of other items that are essential for use in and off the pitch. Womens soccer gear, soccer jerseysand other merchandise, as you may have observed, is actually quite comfortable to use whenever you spend some time in the outdoors. For one thing, jerseys are made in such a way that air and breathability are considered as a major factor in making these precisely so that any heat generated by the body would escape, allowing your body to breathe and cool down despite performing strenuous activity. Another reason for this as well is that jerseys are made to ensure a maximum range of motion which will not hinder nor inconvenience its wearer despite increased physical activity. So even if you have soccer apparel on, don’t just think that they can only be used when you’re playing soccer. As a matter of fact, they are perfect for use in the outdoors especially when temperatures aren’t so cold. Your range of motion wouldn’t be restricted, and you are definitely going to feel much more comfortable in your jersey or other apparel considering that these are made precisely for physical activity. And on a lighter note, you are also going to make your friends insanely jealous with the jersey you have on especially when they are fans of the same team that you love. And with all that said, you should definitely consider wearing soccer apparel when you go outdoors.


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What soccer and traveling have in common

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Article written by Soccer Garage

Soccer, or football, is the world’s largest sport. This sport is played on almost every single country in the world and it transcends race, gender, religion, and age. You could even say that soccer brings the world together. And every time you travel, you are sure to bump into someone that’s sporting soccer clothing or that you would walk into a neighborhood with people kicking a soccer ball around. Traveling makes you more exposed to different cultures and makes you more tolerant and aware of these. In a sense, soccer almost does the same thing. It brings different people together from all walks of life. You might not speak the same language, but you love the same sport. You can learn a lot from both soccer and traveling, as a matter of fact, you could even use soccer as a great conversation starter or an icebreaker whenever you visit someplace new.

In other words, these two things opens up your perception about the world. It makes you aware that you are just a small part in a big world, and that there is so much more to see than just your home town. It kind of puts things into perspective, seeing as how there is so much that this world has to offer. Perhaps even the next time you travel, you might want to go to the Bernabeu, Camp Nou, or Old Trafford. Soak in all that culture, and bask in the glory where all the past and present soccer would hit the pitch.


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