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Live close to the Wild in Virginia

April 15, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

The state of Virginia providers citizens and visitors alike with various exploration possibilities, especially when it concerns the wild. You would not be able to miss the luscious forests and mountains when travelling or living in the region. The Appalachian mountain range is perhaps the most known feature of the region’s landscape. These mountains stretch to the west and covers the western border of Virginia. The mountain ranges also neighbor the region of Kentucky, part of the Maryland northern border. The Blue Ridge Mountains are quite well-known in the region as well. These mountains pass the south and even touch North Carolina. The tallest mountain in the region is the Mount Rogers and Chesterfield county homes owners are able to get a great view of it.

If you are seeking more of a beach scenery rather than the wilderness of nature, you might want to consider Virginia Beach. This is the largest city in the state, apart from being home to some of the best beaches of the region. Virginia city proposes an ideal blend of various activities that are suitable for families with children, single people and couples. For instance, the region offers various cultural places, zoos and aquariums that would be enjoyed by families with small children. Couples would enjoy the choices of theatres, restaurants and nightclubs available. Single people would enjoy the large number of activities and the proximity of various features.

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Completing the Rustic Look for Any Front Yard

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Some of the most beautiful homes on websites like Houzz just have a theme. That’s the big secret to having an amazing home! If you know how to build a theme for your home, and a bit about color coordination, you’ll be able to transform any home into whatever suits your style. Rustic is an excellent choice, and it’s easy to build a strong rustic theme without paying too much out of pocket.

Choose a Wood

Any rustic look would benefit greatly from a front door made of high-quality wood. The most common choice is Mahogany, but Douglas Fir is often used as well. Doors constructed of wood also have the added benefit of insulating the home, but you have to be careful to maintain them. It’s a good idea to have the door sealed with a weather treatment, and stained. If your door ever shows cracks or splinters, you can usually remove it from the hinges and sand it down to make it smooth again.

A wood door brings that beautiful grain finish to the entryway.


If you want to go full rustic, borderline western, you may consider xeriscaping. This new form of landscaping focuses on drought resistant plants and shrubs that dot a landscape. Designs in xeriscape use dirt and rock thoughtfully, brushed level and left smooth. You can also add rosemary or thyme to any planter boxes you have near the front door. Those plants give off a distinct and pleasant smell, and you can cook with them too.

Bio: ETO Doors is a custom door manufacturer with showrooms in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York. Read ETO Doors reviews online, or visit the ETO Doors website to order your custom-cut wood door today.

Live close to the Wild in Virginia

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Written by The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

Virginia offers visitors as well as citizens with numerous possibilities to explore the wild. The region consist principally of heavy forests and mountains. The main feature of the Virginia landscape is the Appalachian. These are mountains extending in the west and covering Virginia’s western border. These mountains also neighbor Kentucky, which is part of the Maryland northern border. Another well-known mountain range in the region are the popular Blue Ridge Mountains. These mountains head more towards the south and pass North Carolina. Mt. Rogers is the tallest mountain in the Virginia region with a height of more than 5,700 ft. Chesterfield county homes owners are particularly lucky in this aspect.

Virginia Beach is by far the biggest city in the state. Every year more than millions of tourists visit the city on their vacations. This city represents a wonderful blend of activities such as restaurants, zoos, aquariums and magnificent historical places. A feature that should not be missed in Virginia is the South Atlantic beach. This is a breathtakingly beautiful beach with options for various water activities. The city has been mentioned by several studies as being one of the safest in the US with considerably low crime rates. The proximity to the wild and the various features and activities in the state are main reasons why Virginia is a destination for tourists. This might be why people often search for houses in Richmond VA.

The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty provides advice on and the service of a realtor in Virginia for people seeking to relocate to Richmond.

Why Cayman Islands are the Best Place to Raise a Family

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The Cayman Islands offer a luxury lifestyle you rarely found anywhere else in the world. The islands are virtually crime-free, and oceanfront property is available at prices you can afford. Plus, Grand Cayman property tends to hold its value over the long term, and the property is tax free after the 7.5% fee you pay to close the transaction. With immigration policies easing, and more investment money flowing into the island chain, making Grand Cayman your home is an excellent idea for those who want to raise a family.

Convenience and Modern Living

People who come looking for Caribbean vacation homes for sale often picture themselves living here. Those who want to raise families are often surprised by the amenities they find. Movie theaters, grocery chains and all the rest of the comforts of modern living blend seamlessly with this island paradise. The islands also enjoy sunshine all year long with easy access to beaches almost everywhere you go.

Culture and the Arts

Cayman Islands have a thriving cultural scene. The Cayman National Cultural Foundation works year round to plan activities that explore the island’s cultural heritage. There are also theaters like the Prospect Playhouse offering live shows.


Grand Cayman isn’t known for its schooling, but it should be. Non-natives are not allowed to attend public schools in the Cayman Islands, but ex-pats utilize private schooling instead. Instructors come in from all over the world eager to teach young minds. Field trips bring kids out into nature, where they learn about the complex eco systems that keep our planet in check. Education on Grand Cayman is top notch, making the islands a true family destination.


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Richmond Virginia Whitewater Rafting Vacation

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Written by The Steele Group Sotheby’s International Realty

White water rafting is one of the most thrilling ways of spending time when on vacations in the state of Virginia during warmer months. There are several rivers in which whitewater rafting can be practised in Virginia. All of them have varying levels of difficulties.

The James River is one of these rivers. It flows from the Allegheny Mountains and goes to the Chesapeake Bay. The best extent on which to perform rafting is found between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Richmond city. This is the only stretch where the pressure of the rapids reach the Class 3 difficulty level. The rapids can be upgraded to level 4 in cases where the water is unusually high. The James River rafting trip is one of the best ways to enjoy Virginia’s natural beauty and history-packed scenes. It is certainly one of the primary activities to perform while visiting the city of Richmond.

White water rafting activities and trips are available through outfitters around Virginia. You might book your rafting trips from locations such as Richmond, Fredericksburg, Roanoke and Purcellville. If you are interested in going further on your rafting trips, you might visit other regions such as West Virginia which is known for its rafting trips around Maryland, Harpers Ferry and North Carolina.

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Things To Do in Ridgewood

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Written by Ebergen Country Homes

Ridgewood is one of the favorite weekend getaways from New York. It’s located in Bergen country and it is just less than an hour ride from Manhattan. Alternatively you can get there with via train from Penn station to New Jersey, then change trains from Secaucus that heads to Ridgewood.

There are several things you can do at Ridgewood over the weekend or even for a longer trip. For families and kids, you can spend summer days at Graydon pool. For a minimum fee or membership, you can take your kids swimming in this huge outdoor “plake”. The Graydon has been with Ridgewood residents for almost three decades now ever since it was opened in 1985.

For those who love exploring historical buildings and sites, you can start by visiting the memorial at Van Neste Square. You can find a plaque near the monument that has the names of Ridgewood citizens that have died in war. The village also has several historical houses that date back in the colonial times. Among them are the Ackerman Houses in Doremus and Lincoln Avenue, where one of them was built in 1811.

For outdoor lovers, you can take a stroll by the Saddle river or cycle round the Ridgewood Duck pond. There’s also a dog park where you can take you pet to make new friends from the neighborhood.

If you’re looking for Ridgewood homes for sale, you can inquire from several of the prime realtors in the area. Al Donohue, a Ridgewood realtor, can show you several houses and apartments for sale. There are several reasons why Ridgewood NJ real estate is in demand. One of them, is that despite the proximity to Manhattan and other modern cities, the town is able to maintain its suburban charm and personality. Another factor is that it’s rated as one of the safes places to live in New Jersey. Crime ratings in the town are very low in Ridgemond.

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The Top Outdoor Activities in Richmond Virginia

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Written by Relocate to Richmond

Although Richmond, Virginia is mostly known for its historic sites and museums, the capital of Virginia offers more than just 400 years of American history. The city also offers many adventures, especially for people who enjoy spending time in nature. From white water rapids to beautiful gardens, Richmond is a bountiful city with plenty of things to do in the great outdoors. Whether you’re visiting, exploring Richmond VA real estate, or a resident of the area, make sure you get to enjoy the following top outdoor activities in Richmond.

Water Sports

Love water sports? It’s hard to believe that a place like Richmond offers water sports, but it does. And plenty of it. The James River is the place to go if you want to experience whitewater rafting in the only Class III and IV rapids in a city atmosphere. Adventure seekers can also participate in other fun water sports including kayaking, canoeing, and tubing. While there, don’t forget to look around for wildlife such as deer, bald eagles, and blue herons.

Richmond Gardens

What better way to spend a nice spring or summer day than at the botanical gardens? But it doesn’t matter which season you visit Richmond, because all four offer plenty of flowers and plants in bloom. The city has at least seven different places open to the public where you can explore and see the flowers in bloom. If you want to see one of the largest perennial gardens in the area, you must visit Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. It boasts 40 acres of gardens as well as educational workshops and plenty of places to eat.

In addition to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, guests can explore the gardens at various Virginia homes and buildings in the area, including Agecroft Hall, Ashland Berry Farm, John Marshall House, Maymont, Valentine Richmond History Center, and the Virginia House.

Wildlife in Richmond

A visit to Richmond isn’t complete without getting to see the area’s native wildlife. Richmond offers a variety of places where you can get up close and personal with the animals in the area. Visit Discover the James, and take a two-hour tour to see the resident bald eagles. Go to the Metro Richmond Zoo to see over 1,500 animals from around the world. The Rockwood Nature Center offers 161 acres of land that includes beautiful trails, an archery range, and a nature center. Finally, don’t forget to visit Three Lakes Nature Center to see local reptiles, amphibians and fish. The center offers a 50,000 gallon freshwater aquarium.
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Live and Dive in the Cayman Islands

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Written by James Bovell

Are you an avid diver? How about living on an island that boasts the best diving in the Western Hemisphere? While many professional divers travel the world to explore amazing underwater adventures, some are lucky enough to live there. The Cayman Islands offer this type of paradise. Here’s a look at why many divers call this place home.

Diver’s Paradise

The Cayman Islands consist of three, beautiful islands that offer a combined total of nearly 360 amazing dive sites. Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman all have popular diving sites that draw people from all over the world. Grand Cayman alone is home to nearly 160 sites, including the World’s Best 12 Foot Dive. The point is that whether you live in Grand Cayman or Little Cayman, you will have plenty of places to explore under the sea. In fact, you might even get to explore a new site each day for an entire year.

Also Called Home

Only a one-hour flight from Miami, Florida in the U.S., and with direct flights from major cities like New York, Charlotte, Dallas, Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, Toronto Canada, London England the Cayman Islands are the perfect place to settle down and enjoy paradise without being too far away from family and friends back home. Although you will never get tired of diving and enjoying the ocean, Cayman homes can offer every comfort of home. Buyers get to choose from a wide range of homes, from luxury mansion estate properties to affordable beach front condos. Of course, you can also purchase a vacation home. Whether you want to live or vacation in the Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands luxury real estate is the perfect investment property for divers.

Dream Finders is a real estate agency serving the Cayman Islands, providing services to sell or purchase Grand Cayman real estate.

Best Places to Live on the Beach

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Written by: RE/MAX Cayman Islands

Summary: If you want to live near the ocean, these are the best places to call home.

RE/MAX Cayman Islands has some new recommendations on the best spots to call home on the beach. Ocean living is relaxing and luxurious. If you plan to take the plunge, you should survey several areas and make your choice based on which one is most ideal for you.

Cayman luxury real estate, for instance, is quite different from the opulence of the California coast. California tends to have larger territories with grander houses, while places like Naples thrive on their charming community. Here is a short survey of popular destinations on the coast.


The California coast is one of the most luxurious places in the continental United States. It features beach-side real estate in places like Malibu, San Francisco and everywhere in between. The beaches of Manhattan Beach, for instance, have very calm waters and are known for their high cost of living. You can find properties from Dick Clark, along with unique architecture both vintage and new.

Grand Cayman

Property in Grand Cayman doesn’t have to be expensive, but the cost of living is a bit higher than the mainland. You can find affordable condominiums for sale, or you can move into a small apartment while you hunt for property.


Naples Florida is a cultural hub of art and fine sandy beaches. You get the life of the big city, with the relaxing pay off of living near the beaches. Naples has a higher cost of living than the rest of Florida, but it’s a beautiful place to call home if you can afford it.

Time to Move

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Article written by Relocate to Richmond

When you make the decision to get married and then actually do get married, an important decision follows. This decision is how your family will be. It is important for you to plan your family and decide how many kids you will have or how many pets you will have. Another decision that comes with it, although it may be further down the line is the house you and your family will live in. You always want to choose the house that is the perfect fit for your loved ones.

The hard part about all of this planning is that there are a lot of variables involved and a lot of things change over time. The choices you made at the start of your marriage may not be totally applicable today. This might mean that the house you first picked, has become quite cramped.

It’s in times like these that you have to relocate and move into a bigger and better home. There’s no need for you to be intimidated in relocating as there are a lot of people and places that can help you. Also, finding Richmond VA houses isn’t a hard thing to do. There are tons of homes for sale in Richmond Virginia. It’s almost a certainty that you will find a house perfect for your significant other and your bundles of joy. The best thing is that these Richmond VA houses come in different types of sizes, looks, configurations, and designs so you can find the perfect home.


Relocate to Richmond is a comprehensive website that offers complete guides for relocation and other useful resources. Find a realtor in Virginiareal easy through this wonderful site!

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