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How Outdoor Living Spaces Coincide With Durable Furniture Pieces

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Summary: Patio maintenance relies on furniture pieces that can last throughout the year.

Beautiful patio furniture can add a fantastic touch to your backyard. Undoubtedly it will bring both function and comfort to the forefront of your outdoor space. For instance, a classic wicker rocking chair and a matching sofa can turn your patio into a cozy and inviting space for your family and guests like. It’s easy to overlook your patio space and pay more attention to the landscaping aspect of your backyard. However, finding the right furniture pieces can really make your home stand out from others. This guide will dive into the fine details of sculpting your backyard into a masterpiece.

Pinpoint What You Want

First off, create a list that discusses what you would like your backyard space to look like. You’ll also want to consider its function as well. Are you turning your patio into a hosting area for birthday parties or family events? Do you want it to be a dining area for those beautiful summer nights? Create a simple list that outlines everything. This will coordinate your purchasing spree and help narrow down your options.


A key factor for a comfy patio is finding the right patio cushion that displays both aesthetically pleasing aspects and is downright comfortable. Now, this may not be an easy task as numerous companies manufacture cushions by the bundle. Simply said, there are way too many options available in this day and age. If you are ordering just foam to upgrade your current patio cushion, be sure that you consult with the foam company beforehand. The customer service representatives will likely be able to assist you in what type of foam would fit best for your outdoor setting. Remember, the weather doesn’t play nice when it comes to your furniture. You’ll want to care for them as they won’t last forever being left at the mercy of the changing weather patterns.

Easy-Care Furniture Pieces

Most metal, cedar, and weather wicker pieces are designed to withstand nature’s fury. This is a crucial element when purchasing furniture because, obviously, indoor furniture pieces are vastly different than outdoor pieces. These forgiving materials will prevent you from having to replace each outdoor piece on a regular basis and could potentially even last you years on end. Replacement cushions aren’t exactly the cheapest household items that you could buy as well.

Bio: The Foam Factory manufactures a variety of high quality foam products such as couch cushions, seat foam, outdoor foam replacements, and more.

Techniques for Drying Wood Before a Project

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drying-woodWhen you’re working with a lot of wood, like an amateur or semi-professional furniture maker, you’ll have to figure out an effective way to store it. If the wood hasn’t been dried properly, or moisture accumulates during storage, you’re going to find working with it pretty rough. Once you figure out how to deal with wet wood, you’ll be ready to dip into storage to get all the parts you need for your next project.

Stacking and Storing

The first thing to understand about wood is that it works a lot like a sponge. If you pour water onto it, it’s going to absorb that water over time. If the wood is wet, it will rot or warp over time and cause major problems for you when it’s time to build.

That’s why you should stack wood boards atop one another with spacers in between. The spacers allow for a light breeze (also important) to cool and dry out the wood as it sets over time.

If you’re going to store the wood indoors, like a shed or a garage, then you will inevitably have wet wood when it comes time to work. How do you avoid this problem? The solution is simple! Heat is needed to dry out the wood, so a little bit of heat and air will eventually dry the wood out. Maybe, before you start working, take the wood from the shed and store it in the shade where the wind can hit it.

James Provence was born in 1947, in San Francisco. After retiring from the Church, Archbishop James Provence decided to pursue his hobby of furniture making full time.

The health benefits of using a memory foam mattress

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candafoambymail6Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Memory foam mattresses use technology developed for NASA. Unlike any other mattress or polyurethane foam sheets on the market, it molds itself to the shape of the person sleeping on it. Here are a few of the health benefits of using a memory foam mattress:

The visco-elastic material that is the basis for the memory foam mattress adjusts itself based on temperature. The sleepers body heat and weight determine what parts of mattress adjust. As the temperature rises the mattress becomes softer and provides more comfort.

There are also reports of pain relief from body aches and soreness from the use of a memory foam mattress. This is due to the selective displacement of pressure along the surface of the body. As part of the pain coping mechanism, pain points tend to have a higher average temperature. This causes the mattress to adjust those specific areas.

A memory foam mattress Canada will also help with better sleep by helping the sleeper maintain better spinal alignment. A lot of issues are related to the incorrect sleeping position. Those can be resolved to a great extent with the use of memory foam.

The final benefit is that of allergy relief. These mattresses are made from inorganic fibers. This prevents the biggest source of sleep-related allergies: Dust-mites from growing. There is no biological matter for them to thrive on.

Those are just a few of the many benefits associated with using memory foam. Some of these benefits are also associated with the use of a memory foam mattress topper on a regular mattress.


The Foam Factory has operated in the foam industry for several years. They have a special Dryfast foam that is ideal for upholstery foam Canada

How to Properly Care for Your Patio to Make it Flourish

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Patio furniture need to be cared for the same way that you do for your indoor furniture.

patio-furniture-careCleaning and maintaining your outdoor furniture can make your patio shine like it did when you first bought your house! Many homeowners fail to take care of their patio, resulting in an assortment of dead bugs, spider webs, and layers of dirt lying around the entire space. Here are some ways that you can care for your patio.

Start by Storing Your Cushions

Your couch foam needs to be replaced after an extended period of time. A dirty and flat cushion isn’t appealing to you or your guests. And, if it’s the summer, you could be the host of a birthday party or a family gathering. Outdoor couches should make your patio feel welcoming, not the opposite. Start by storing your seat cushions in a bin to protect it from the rain, heat, and insects. Take it out when you need to use it so it’s not at the mercy of nature 24/7. A tarp or a cover could also be placed on the couch as well. Many retailers sell these for a cheap price!

Don’t Forget the Floor

Spruce up your patio floor by sweeping it every so often and even power washing it if you can. This way, all the dirt, grime, and bacteria will be flooded away, leaving you with a brand new floor. If you have wood planks, there are numerous finishes that you can lacquer with to protect it as well as make it shine. Your local hardware store is likely to carry one. Be sure that you purchase the correct one as certain types of wood will respond differently with chemicals.

The Foam Factory carries every patio cushion product that you could want or need. For more information, visit the Foam Factory online today.

How Outdoor Foam Stands Up to the Elements

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Outdoor FoamOutdoor foam is a miracle for patio furniture. Once upon a time, thick, canvas covers had to be applied to all outdoor furniture to try and ward off the rain. These covers were usually waterproofed, but tended to do a poor job of keeping water out. Those covers can still be found today, but they are far less common thanks to a new type of foam commonly found in patio furniture, boat cushions and airplane seats.

Outdoor furniture cushions now use something called “dry fast foam”, which (as the name implies) doesn’t retain moisture and dries faster than normal foam. This is thanks to large, open cells within the foam sheets that allow water to pass through. Because the foam dries faster, bacteria can’t grow as easily. No more moldy cushions if you left them out during a winter storm.

Your outdoor foam replacement isn’t rated for direct exposure to the sun, but the cover can protect it. The foam itself won’t harden or get any real sun damage if the cloth or canvas layer blocks the sun’s rays. You may have to replace the cover later as the colors fade, or you could simply flip them over in a pinch.

As a bonus, outdoor foam happens to be useful to those who suffer health problems and have a hard time sleeping. The antimicrobial properties of the bedding prevent small particles from entering the lungs, which helps improve your ability to breathe.

Bio: The Foam Factory specializes in custom-cut foam pieces for commercial and residential use.

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New Boat Checklist: Everything You Need Before You Disembark

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There is nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of a new boat and taking it out for that first foray into the open waters. Before you set out for your inaugural voyage, be sure you pack the necessities: food, relaxation and safety kits.


The good news is that most of this equipment is easy to stockpile. A boat cushion with a canvas cover fits below deck and will last for years if you keep it out of the sun. Rope will eventually dry out, but you can cover your anchor with tarp to help block sun damage. Canvas is fairly durable, so it should be useful as a boat cover, seat covers, cushion covers and anything else you might need. The only concern you’ll have is sun damage, so you may need to replace certain covers if they begin to lose their luster.

Be Safe

Always have a flotation device on hand at all times, no exceptions. Every child who boards your boat should have a life vest at all times. If your boat’s seating doesn’t float, order custom cushions with open-celled foam. It will prevent water from soaking into the foam, which will help it act as a flotation device for you and your family.

A medical kit is also important to have, along with lots of motion sickness medication. Most outdoor and sporting goods stores sell medical supplies as all-in-one kits, but those kits usually don’t include anything for sea sickness.

Finally, be sure you are armed with a flare gun if you intend to go beyond a point where you can see land. Even if you don’t go out that far, a flare will help someone locate you if you’re in trouble.


If you’re out on the water, fishing is probably one of the best ways to eat. You will eat fresh food full of protein, but eating any one thing day and night can get a little old. Crock pots and small camping stoves will be useful on a voyage depending on the size of the boat. Electric grills are best if possible, but gas is fine in a pinch so long as you control the open flame. Just be mindful of winds.

You can also prepare food in advance and use your crock pots or cooking implements to heat it. Chili or chowder is an excellent choice for short trips and overnighters.
The Foam Factory, Inc. specializes in manufacturing upholstery foam for Canada and the United States. The Foam Factory offers free shipping for all orders over $75.

Why French Doors Are So Relevant in Today’s Interior Designs

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Written by: ETO Doors

Within a home, French doors remain an extremely popular choice for connecting rooms together. This creates a visually stunning appearance and can make your home look more “open”. When areas need to be separated, French doors work well as their flexibility allows them to close off a space as well. This is what makes these types of doors so useful – and it doesn’t hurt that they look gorgeous as well.




Use them as a doorway out to your patio or even replace them to be your main exterior double doors. French doors are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. They can also be installed as a single door, in a matching pair, or even as part of a complete series. Constructed with a door frame called “lights”, they’re held together by these transparent panels which allow them to connect with ease.


These “lights” are typically made out of glass but it isn’t a rare occurrence to find them made out of other materials as well. Initially, when exterior French doors are fitted, you’re going to notice that they’re hinged at either side so that there isn’t a division between the windows. This is an appealing look and a recommendation to enjoy more natural light is to choose doors with thinner window joinery. Your house will be lit up by the warmth of the outdoors.

Patios or Balconies

French doors are often used for patios or for balconies. If you want to get the most out of your French doors, install them to lead out to that location. Even if you don’t get a chance to go outside due to the cold weather, you’ll still be left with a gorgeous view to the outside of your home.


You can’t put enough emphasis on the flexibility of a French door. If you have an outdoor front patio, you can place them specifically in the corners to lead outside, while also providing a nice, stylish décor to it. If your interior has a design flaw that causes two rooms to be shut off from each other, replace them with French doors. One room could have more natural light coming in and by installing French doors it’ll be able to shine through to both rooms to give you a more spacious look and feel.

The Bottom Line

If you’re considering French doors for your household, then it’s important that you take a look at all of the different styles that are available. Being that they are solid choice for anyone that wants to remodel their home, you’ll appreciate the extravagant look that it’ll add to your household.

Exploring Different Types of Interior Doors

October 30, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

fd3lpbclear_large1Written by ETO Doors.

When it’s time to replace your existing interior doors, you’ll have plenty of options. Today’s homeowners have a plethora of interior door styles to choose from, each bringing their own unique look and feel. Determining which type of door is right for you is largely a matter of personal taste along with a knowledge of the spaces on either side of your door.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular types of interior doors:

Panel Doors: These are the most common type of interior doors. They have square or rectangular panels that are set into the door. These panels can stand alone or also have glass inserts or decorative finishes such as rounded tops. Modern panel doors can have a single panel or many different panels.

Flush Doors: A door that has a single flat piece of wood on either side is a basic and affordable option for many homeowners. With flush doors, the quality of the material is very important because there are no ornamental designs or panels to catch a person’s eye. Woods with deep finishes and dark grains can make for dramatic flush doors.

Bifold Doors: If you are dealing with space considerations, installing bifold doors might be the best option. These doors are hinged and run on tracks. With the doors fold together, they greatly reduce the amount of space used by the door. These are great options for small rooms such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, pantries and even bedrooms in small homes or apartments.

ETO Doors has been helping customers find the right interior and exterior doors for their homes and businesses since 2002. More than 100,000 customers have been satisfied and given positive ETO Doors reviews.

Memory Foam Makes Sense for RV Mattresses and Cushions

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Memory-Foam-Makes-Sense-for-RV-Mattresses-and-CushionsRV owners spend a lot of time inside of their vehicles. Their RV cabin is their living room, kitchen and bedroom whenever they go on the road. Because of this, they need RV bedding that is comfortable and lets them get a good night’s sleep, while also being durable enough to last for years. Many RV owners have found that memory foam is the perfect choice when it comes to their motorhome’s mattress.

The main reason that people select memory foam for their RV mattresses is comfort. Despite being lightweight, memory foam offers superior comfort for a very affordable price. It’s almost impossible to sleep poorly when using a memory foam mattress, as it is soft while also providing the right amount of support to pressure points so you won’t ache when you wake up.

Camper owners use memory foam for more than just their mattresses. Memory foam also makes a great material for RV cushions. One reason this is the case is that it is easy to cut memory foam to the shape you need. Since many camper cushions and beds are smaller than normal or have unusual sizes, memory foam makes sense. All you need is an electric knife and you can get a mattress or cushion that is the perfect fit.

RV owners can choose to purchase an entire foam mattress or they may want to have a foam mattresses topper to go above their standard mattress. This allows you to add an additional level of comfort to your sleeping arrangement while keeping your current mattress.

The Foam Factory, Inc. is a family owned business that has been providing high end foam products to customers for more than 30 years. The company takes orders from individuals to large corporations.

Wood Doors Never Go Out of Style

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By ETO Doors

When you think of a modern home, a lot probably comes to mind. You may envision modern architecture for example. The minimalist approach and features have become more and more popular in recent years, especially for those of us who want to live without distractions.

ETODoor4That being said, you can have plenty of modern features in your home without having to go the full minimalist route. You also don’t need to stick with black and white accoutrements or other options that might feel like they lack the personal touch.

A good example of this is wooden doors. To many, exterior wood doors may seem obvious, but if you’re going for a modern look, you may mistakenly think that you need a different material.

Whether it’s wooden front doors or the kind located inside, there’s nothing wrong with using this material. There’s a reason it’s been such a popular option for so long. Amongst other things, wood can be modified to look like all kinds of things and painted countless ways to get the perfect look for your home.

So the next time you’re in the market, keep an open mind where your door options are concerned, especially when it comes to materials. You’ll most likely love the perfect choice made out of wood.


Every homeowner needs wood doors that work for them, but they are also important for functionality too. Whether you need interior doors or exterior doors, you’ll be happiest when you look at the selection and prices found at ETO doors.

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