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Backpacking With Your Dog

May 4, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

Travelling together with a dog can be a great experience and a way to unwind and get away from all the responsibilities of day to day life. Your dog will love the chance to get out of the house and experience new places and scents. A lot of people that went backpacking with their dog said that they enjoyed it much more this way. Since a dog has a powerful sense of smell, they can show you animals that you might miss otherwise.

There are some conditions however, if you want to go hiking together with a dog. First, the dog needs to be trained properly and you need to be able to restrain him physically when they see squirrels, deer or rabbits. Second, you need to be responsible and prevent your dog from bothering other animals or people. You should always pick up the mess created by your dog.

You should know what your dog will do. Know when he will become aggressive for example. In what situations you need to hold them and when you should pay attention to his reactions. If he can’t be controlled, leave the dog at home. Don’t risk injuring someone or spoiling their vacation.

All in all, just make sure the dog is well behaved, fit and healthy, before you take him on a trip. People camp when they need to rest after a long hike, so your dog shouldn’t disturb their quiet time. Barking is one of the things that would disturb the other campers. You should take your dog to a dog school if possible.

Before a trip, it might be a good idea to visit a doctor with your dog, to check for his general state of health. If you want him to carry something, tell the doctor to check for hip dysplasia.

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