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Add value to your boat by replacing your boat cushions

April 16, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by The Foam Factory

The marine environment is not the ideal setting when it comes to foam products. Indeed, the humidity, heat and sea water might in time contribute to deteriorating your boat cushions. A sign that your boat cushions are worn out is to look at their appearance and texture. Generally worn out cushions would look saggy and have lost their bounciness. They would not be providing any support to the body and would have thinned out.

Apart from being quite unpleasant to look at, worn out cushions are also very uncomfortable to sit on. This discomfort is accrued if you have to spend several days at sea. A solution to this would be to go opt for a replacement of all foams on your boat. Carlo Badalamenti has worked in the foam industry for decades now. A noticeable change that a boat owner can bring to a boat is to go for a complete change of foam and seat cover.

The seat cover could be chosen in a water-resistant material such a polyester or if you are seeking to provide a luxurious look, you might even opt for real leather. Good quality faux leather would also be effective in providing a luxurious look. For the marine environment, the ideal choice of foam would be a dryfast foam. These foams consist of larger cells than regular foams. This enables them to drain out water easily.

The Foam Factory is a specialist in foam products ideal for various indoors and outdoors foam replacement projects including replacement boat cushions.

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