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5 Mind Blowing Facts about Istanbul

December 23, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Posted by Phineas Upham

Istanbul is having a moment of resurgence. The once sprawling wonderland of ancient times went from being a developing  city to something truly artistic and beautiful.  It’s one of the most affordable and beautiful destinations for tourists around the world, and here are some amazing sights you can still see today.

The Seven Hills

Istanbul was fashioned in the model of Rome, with the city spread across seven hill faces. Each hill is dotted with an imperial mosque at the top that overlooks the valley below. This most likely also served a defensive purpose, but it makes for some beautiful sunset scenes in modern day Turkey.

Subway System

Turkey contains one of the oldest working subway systems in the entire world. The line, built in 1875 is still heavily trafficked. It is the second-oldest subterranean system in the world, beat out by the London Underground built in 1863.

Grand Bazaar

Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar marketplace can trace its roots back to biblical times. It is spread out across 61 city blocks, features over 3,000 shops and services almost a half-million visitors a day.


Surprisingly, Istanbul ranks as one of the nations with the most billionaires. Forbes measured 34 billionaires in Istanbul, ranking number four in the world overall.

Agatha Christie

Novelist Agatha Christie wrote her famous book “Murder on the Orient Express” in Istanbul. The writer stayed at the Pera Palas Hotel while she wrote.

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