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Safety Guidelines Any Pilot Should Follow

August 3, 2018 by · Leave a Comment 

Summary: Flying an aircraft, much like any other vehicle, requires the right preparation to make the travels as safe as possible.


Before anyone can legally drive cars on public roads they must first learn the rules, practice, and pass a driving test. Understanding how to navigate the streets can make getting around the city a much safer and comfortable experience. Aircrafts also require a good amount of learning and practice before someone can comfortably pilot one.


There are several tips people can keep in mind to help make getting from point A to point B a safe process.


Reach High Altitudes


When up in the air you want to be prepared for any issues that may come your way. One tip aviation experts suggest is climbing to a high altitude early on in the flight. The reason why reaching high altitudes is important, such as 2,500ft or even 5,000ft above ground level, is because it can give you more time to react. If, for example, one of the engines on your aircraft were to give out or if there was an issue with one of the aircraft bladder tanks, being higher up would give you more time to address the problem or prepare for an emergency landing.


If an aircraft is lower, you are simply given less time to react before the plane makes contact with the ground. An additional advantage to flying high is that you are less likely to run into air traffic, thus reducing the chances of a mid-air collision.


Use Medication Carefully


If you have a medical condition you may be used to seeking medication or prescription pills to help. Some medications have specific instructions, such as when you can take them, whether or not you must accompany the medication with food, and if it is safe to operate machines or vehicles while under the influence. These instructions become all the more important when placed in an environment where being in control of one’s body and mind are key.


Medications, even those that do not require prescriptions from knowledgeable doctors, can have a number of different side-effects that can ultimately affect your mind, motor skills, and reaction time. If you cannot think properly you may forget to double-check that your Turtle-Pac ferry tank is attached securely or that the aircraft is all set to go. The effects of these drugs can be very serious, especially when you are flying and need to be as alert as possible. Do not operate aircrafts when under the influence to avoid any serious problems while up in the air.