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How to Find the Cheapest Car Rental Deals

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Use the same strategy that you would with booking a flight to obtain the most reasonable car rental prices.

Written by: Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC

Nothing beats travelling to a new country and exploring the sights and sounds. The freedom of exploration does however come at a cost. One of these costs comes at the hands of finding a rental car to travel around in.

Sure, you can opt for public transportation. But, many families prefer a rental car over a taxi or a bus for convenience purposes. And, if you’re searching for a short term car rental in Abu Dhabi for example, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting a good deal versus being overcharged.

Always Book in Advance

Once you’ve booked your flight and handled all the accommodations, the next thing you’re going to have to do is find a reasonable rental car deal. It’s important that you always book your rental car in advance. Doing this will almost always get you a better deal than at the actual location itself. And, it’s much easier and quicker. A cheap car rental in Abu Dhabi that is booked in advance will save you a significant amount of money than doing it on the day of your vacation. You don’t want to have to deal with negotiations and price comparisons the day that you land. Also, be sure that you carry all the necessary documents with you to avoid any difficulties or hassles.

Prices Will Fluctuate

Similar to searching for the best deals on flights, do the same for car rentals as well. Check prices frequently as they can change on a daily basis. Depending on the season, their might be a price hike and you could find yourself paying double than what you saw the previous day. Many aggregator site will do all the searching for you and compare prices to make your job much easier. For instance, if a long term car rental in Dubai International Airport is going for $30 on Monday, you might think that waiting a day or two will have it drop down a bit. This might not be the best idea as you might find that the price will double on Tuesday. It’s all about supply and demand. If you’re booking around the summer time, be sure that you book way in advance to avoid watching a great deal slip away.

The basics of a Kayak

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Written by Crystal Seas

Going on a sea kayaking tour is amazing. It is just you, the water and a breathless view of the ocean.  However, those new to the Kayak should take every precaution before going out to see. This includes learning the very basics of the Kayak. Here are the most important basics that every kayaker should know.

The top of a kayak is known as the deck, while the bottom of a kayak is called the hull.

As with any boat, the front of the kayak is the bow, and the back is the stern. There are handles attached to both the bow and stern for carrying the boat. Usually at least two people are required to carry a kayak.

The openings on a kayak are called hatches and generally there is a wall inside sealing the compartment called bulkheads. These keep the compartments relatively dry and provide buoyancy in case the kayak overturns.

The seats in a kayak are adjustable and are generally quite comfortable. The best posture for kayaking is sitting up straight. This provides maximum efficiency by engaging the core muscles. There are foot braces inside the kayak that help support your legs. There are adjustable.

With regards to the posture and the various adjustments, all of these can be fine-tuned when you do your first run. Build some confidence and then go on a Washington kayak tour.


Crystal Seas can give you everything you need – including training – and guide you through your kayaking San Juan adventure.

Want the Whole World in Your Hands? Here’s Where to Go.

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Are you looking for a travel destination with international flair? Some of the world’s most popular destinations offer much more than their own signature discoveries. Choose a thriving “melting pot” for your next vacation and you can have the world in your hands. Here are some of of the world’s best destinations according to Dev Randhawa.

If you’d like to wake up in a worldly city that never sleeps, make New York City your destination. Famous for all-American delights like the Statue of Liberty and Broadway, New York is also the flagship of “melting pot” cities. Visit Chinatown or Little Italy for authentic cuisine and atmosphere, and discover hundreds of citywide restaurants and cultural experiences representing every corner of the globe. It’s estimated that just 51% of residents speak only English, and you can hear hundreds of languages being spoken as you explore the wonders of this multinational metropolis.

While New York is the city of nights, Paris is the city of lights. Known for romance, art, history and cuisine, Paris is also home to a huge “ex-pat” community from around the world. Try an African delicacy, take in Asian art, or pass some time conversing with foreign transplants at a British Pub. Paris has no shortage of worldly diversions!

There are other destinations to discover if you’d like to have the world at your fingertips. As the capital of a once far-flung empire, London is a thriving multi-cultural city. San Francisco is famous for its Chinese influence. Washington, DC is home to more than 250 nationalities with many colorful international festivals throughout the year. Consider other great destinations like Toronto, Amsterdam, and Singapore for a vacation with an extra dose of worldliness!