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How to Enjoy Your Vacation to Abu Dhabi

February 24, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC

Summary: Here are some tips for travelers to get the most out of their stay in the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates offers one of the most rewarding places in the world to take a vacation, but you need to be prepared. Abu Dhabi is very different from the Western World, and travelers would benefit from planning a few destinations and learning a bit about this part of the world before they depart.

Watch the Traffic

If you’re booking an extended stay, you’re most likely utilizing a short term leasing car in Amman Jordan, but be careful with your car! Traffic laws aren’t always obeyed and drivers can make some extreme decisions on the road. Watch for speeding luxury cars, and mind those red lights! Traffic fines can prevent you from leaving the country until they are paid, so drive defensively and stay safe.

Arrange for Airport Pickup

A Queen Alia international car rental service will almost always have the option to hire a driver. This is recommended for tourists who have never visited the UAE before, because traffic can be so overwhelming. A driver will help ease the stress and tension that comes from jetlagged travel. The good news for those who do not wish to drive is that taxis are affordable, but they restrict your access. That becomes important if you want to go on a back country adventure.

Rent a 4-Wheel Drive Car

The final tip is to cut loose and go spend some time in the desert. The vastness can be very serene and calming, but you need to bring enough water. If you’re booking car rentals in Jordan, call ahead of time and secure a 4×4 so you can drive everywhere without fear of getting stuck in the sands.

Why Your Next Second Home Should Be On the Cayman Islands

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The Cayman Islands offers luxury, beauty, and a tax free lifestyle.

Although the Cayman Islands is known to be home to banks and hedge funds, due to its highly regulated offshore financial centre, there are enough natural attractions to make it worth becoming a second home for you and your family.

The Benefits

The Cayman Islands has no annual property tax, income tax, capital gains tax, and gift tax. Also non-food shopping is mostly duty free. These incentives have foreign investors looking into property management in the Cayman Islands more than ever.

The white, sandy beaches and the crystal clear water may be one of the selling points of the islands, but people often forget that the Cayman Islands has established themselves as a low-crime save environment to raise a family in.

The sun and economic freedom has played a large part in the influx of residents over the past years. Additionally, North American influence also played a part in how the culture is on the islands. Many of their fine restaurants will be infused with a variety of American references. You might notice this if you explore all the different cuisines the islands have to offer.

Choosing A Place to Live

Newcomers tend to want a peaceful and quiet area to live in, such as Canal Point or Rum Point. Grand Cayman residential property management services can point you in the right direction and match you with a home that is both luxurious and affordable. It’s important that you take the time to explore all of the housing options that are out there so you can determine exactly what you want to surround yourself with. Whether it’s a beach front condo or a luxurious multi-million dollar apartment, the options are definitely not scarce.

Bio: Rem Services specializes in Cayman Islands property leasing and property management.