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Owning a Boat in the Cayman Islands

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sailing-boat-775978_1280There are many outdoor activities that might draw someone to the Cayman Islands, but sailing is probably one of the island’s biggest draws. Sailing represents livelihood for tour boats and snorkeling adventures, but the Cayman Islands have an active yacht club and several marinas to choose from. Owning a boat is a bit like buying a car, but property in Grand Cayman doesn’t come with a slip. Here are the things you need to know about boat ownership in the Cayman Islands.

Fees and Licensing

Unlike property in Cayman, which is subject to a stamp duty at time of sale boats must be licensed every year. Owners have to pay an annual fee, and are responsible for documentation involving the boat. Fees are dependent on the size of the boat, with boats more than 100 feet owing up to $10,000 in fees. Those who plan to own commercial boats have a different process, which requires licensing in addition to some more complicated paperwork.


Another aspect of boat ownership is insurance, but it’s not required in the Cayman Islands. Insurance is there to cover you in the event of a boating accident, so it’s up to each individual whether they have adequate funds to cover such costs or if insurance would be a good investment. Keep in mind that an increase in the usage of your boat will also increase the risks associated with accidents.

Advantages to Buying New and Used

New boats offer a warranty and peace of mind, but used boats cost substantially less to buy outright. You can also enlist the help of a broker, who can determine your ideal price point based on your finances.

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Foam: The Backpacker’s Secret Weapon

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Backpack hikingEvery time a backpacker hits the trail, he does so secure in the knowledge that he will rough it for a good portion of the trip. That’s the idea at least. Still, there is always room for just a bit more comfort when you’re in the back country. Any kind of comforts from home are welcomed when you’re surviving off the land, and foam can be one of the greatest secret weapons aside from a food dehydrator.


Foam inserts can insulate cold drinks, which makes them useful for the trail. Pack yourself a beer or a soda so you can enjoy something tasty on your walk. If you don’t want to pack bulky drinks, you can slip the foam inserts into knit bag and insulate some frozen or warm foods. By the time you’re ready to eat, your meat or veggies will have defrosted enough to be cooked. The residual ice and moisture will help you conserve drinking water too.


Custom cushions can be cut to fit your size without taking up too much pack space. Every inch is critical so polyurethane foam is a must. It is absorbent, which makes it a good cushion, and it’s flexible. Pack a single pad on one trip and you’ll never want to leave the car without one again. Every rock becomes a recliner when you’ve got a cushion for support.


Custom outdoor cushions made of foam can be cut to nearly any size. A six foot roll would make perfect bedding, especially if the foam was close-celled. Add an extra foot or two and you can roll the foam padding over for a makeshift pillow. Foam repels ground temperatures, which is especially useful during cold nights.

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Foam: The Camper’s Hidden Secret

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Every camping trip brings with it the opportunity to do things just a bit better next time. The outdoors presents a challenge that the unprepared can’t handle, but planning for everything is not really feasible. Backpackers only have a finite amount of weight they can carry, and car campers will quickly overload their car with accessories that probably won’t serve them well.


Camping hacks, like putting toilet paper into a coffee container and cutting a hole for easy disbursement, are designed to bring some of the comforts of home with you. Hacks cover everything from drinking properly in the outdoors to securing foodstuffs from bears and wildlife.

One secret that inexperienced campers overlook is the use of foam. Upholstery foam from Canada can’t do everything around a campsite, but the specialized uses you’ll find for foam will greatly enhance the comfort level of your trip. Use these tips to improve the quality of your campsite and camp in style.

Sleeping and Lounging

One of the primary uses you’ll find for foam is in the mattress itself. Foam has the distinct advantage of being flexible, which means that sheets can be rolled up tightly for easy storage without any long term effects. Memory foam mattresses aren’t as easy to transport, but small custom cushions are perfect for day trips or overnights. Attach the cushion to a backpack and every rock you pass quickly becomes a relaxing chair.

Aside from comfort, dense foam serves two purposes: heat control and protection. When backpackers hit the trail, they tend to make camp as the sun is lowering or already down. Most people know to bring a tarp with them as a protective measure for tents, to be sure that rocks won’t rip the canvas material. Foam pads help protect whatever other bedding you might have too. What if there were small barbs mixed in with that soft ground covering? A simple puncture on an inflatable mattress can leave you feeling miserable for the whole night.

Aside from the mattress itself, custom outdoor cushions cut small enough can double as camping pillows too.


Another excellent use for foam is as a tool for insulation. Ever heard of a beer cozy? You can use foam as insulation for cold drinks of any variety, like juice or soda. You’ll need dense foam for this task, otherwise the insulation won’t be as effective. You can also make a pouch of cloth and line it with foam inserts. This would make it easier to transport fresh fruits, veggies and meats that require refrigeration.
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Live Close to the Wild in Virginia

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By TheSteeleGroupSIR

Just about everyone loves the great outdoors. Even if they aren’t avid fishermen or hunters, they still want to get away from the city from time to time and sleep under the stars or at least go for a solid hike. This isn’t possible for many people in this country, but those who live in Virginia are never more than a stone’s throw from being in a wildlife paradise.

the steel groupSIR2

This is one reason why so many people come here looking for Chesterfield county real estate. They know they’ll get all the benefits of living near the creature comforts of a big city, yet they escape off to the woods whenever they please.

Take one look at Shenandoah National Park and you’ll immediately realize why so many people with a similar mindset are rabid to find Virginia homes for sale. There’s Shenandoah Valley and Water Country, USA too. Even the famous Busch Gardens Williamsburg is surrounded by natural beauty.

These are just the more popular regions of Virginia. However, there is plenty of territory here that feels largely unexplored. So whether you prefer the beaten path or the one less traveled, living in Virginia has plenty to offer you and your family whenever they feel their primal itch or hear the call of the wild.


If you’re looking to relocate to Richmond, you’re not alone. However, you need a talented Chesterfield realtor to help you out. Go with the Steele Group SIR and you’ll be using the best.


Give Your Home’s Exterior Some Style

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By ETO Doors

When most people think about adding some style to their home, they predictably head indoors. They look at redoing their bathroom, renovating their kitchen, painting a room, etc. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, of course. Sometimes, it’s the smartest thing you could do. However, to think that addressing the interior is the only way that you can make your home more fashionable is a big mistake.

etodoor4Instead, you should look outside. The exterior of your home says just as much about the owner as the inside. Plus, you have to remember that no matter how welcoming you are, far more people are going to see the exterior of your home than ever go inside.

One way to make a home more noticeable is with the doors. Mahogany entry doors are a great idea, for example, and will definitely grab a lot of attention. You could choose any type of wood entry doors really. If you go with oak, you can even paint it whichever color you like to get a perfect representation of your style sense.

Then, of course, there’s picking the knob and even a knocker. You can have lots of fun here so that the finished result is a door that is just as amazing as the rest of your home.


If you’re in the market for oak exterior doors, French doors, mahogany exterior doors or any beautiful option, for that matter, you’re going to love what ETO Doors has to offer, especially at such affordable prices.

Bugs Begone! How to Keep Nature in Nature after Going Camping

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When you’re in the great outdoors there are no rubber seals and deadbolts separating you from the wild expanse of nature outside. While that may be the point for many people, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with bugs once you get back home. Here are some ways to make sure you don’t bring nature home with you.


First, shake everything thoroughly outside to get rid of natural debris and hidden critters. Air-out supplies in a secure environment to prevent new bugs from coming in and allow bad odors to dissipate. Distilled white vinegar can be used to get rid of body odors, animal urine, and other natural scents which seep in over the course of a trip. Deodorizing can also help remove the smell of food which attracts rodents and other vermin, and eliminates dead skin cells that look like a feast to mites and gnats.


Machine-wash everything you can. Then, use a spray-bottle or mister filled with a 1:10 mixture of vinegar and water to lightly spray down the rest of your non-washable camping equipment and get rid of lingering smells. If you did any hunting and cleaning of game, wipe down anything that came into contact with animal parts or blood with a 1:10 solution of bleach and water to prevent risk of disease from fur and feathers


Wrap and store items in bug-proof netting or hardware cloth during storage. Not only will this prevent new bugs and vermin from settling in while you’re gone, it will also keep anything you missed from getting into your other stuff. It may be gross to see a few dead bugs next season if any were trapped inside, but that’s still better than finding out some missed bugs have started a society in your camping gear.

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